I think the government is lying to me

Hi guys. I know it has been a while, but I have a question regarding insurance. I was getting insurance through my dad's employer. However, he has moved out of state so I can no longer get his benefits staring at the end of the month. Since McDonald's is too cheap to offer its employees insurance, My dad told me to research Obamacare plans to see if I could find one.

I thought I found a good one "Optima Vantage Foursight 80%" According to the government website, There's no deductible with a $750 max out of pocket all for $23 a month.

I was about to apply for it but then I decided to look at the plan through optima health's website, and this is where things get weird. NONE of the numbers match!

I took screenshots of what the government site says (bottom) vs what the optima site says (top) which one do I believe?

Soo... needless to say. I'm confused

That's weird. I went online to look at it from the Healthcare.gov site, and I got the numbers that the Optima website shows. I was assuming you're looking for VA since that was what came up most often for a search of that plan.

Try again - maybe the healthcare.gov numbers are showing you a subsidy? Otherwise, I have no idea how that could have happened.

When you check plans via healthcare.gov, you enter your expected annual income, and then you get rates based on that.

Note on the bottom that shows $23/mo, but then $223 Premium before tax credit.
The ACA plans help with the deductible and oop max too.

The Optima website is for someone who gets insurance directly through them.

There are 'navigators' you can call to help understand exactly what you are getting with the ACA plan, so if you're not sure, then contact them.

Absolutely contact a navigator. They will find the best plan for you. My son did. He told her what he needed (pump, CGM, insulin, test strips, endo, etc) and she found a plan that was a good match that he could afford.

ok thanks for the help. I'll check it out tomorrow.

I think I know why everyone hates the gov site now. I tried to sign up for a plan, but I was unable to do an online verification because of my lack of credit history (you'd think being debt free at 21 would be a good thing... NOPE!) So I got on the phone to ask what I should do and they told me (after 30 minutes on hold) that I should talk to some other company to do a "manual verification"

Soo... I call up the other company and (after another 30 minute wait) they told me I have to MAIL them (not email, not fax, etc.. but MAIL) the 16 digit application number. I didn't see it, so they freely gave it to me over the phone and that I have to wait 1 to 3 weeks for "processing" I have a feeling just that number isn't gonna be enough, but what should i send them? birth certificate? drivers licence? ss card? tax return? I have no idea.

This is getting annoying.

Well, Pfui, as Nero Wolfe would say. I have heard many stories like this and know it is frustrating to no end.

I also have a dozen or so starving artist friends who are getting healthcare for the first time in their lives (I remember when the only way I could get a PAP smear for ten years was when a friend or family member gave it to me as a birthday gift!).

And I have a number of PWD friends who are also getting a little coverage for the first time because of the pre-existing conditions clause.

Blessings and I hope you can persevere to a more hopeful outcome.....Good luck!...Judith in Portland