I want to build a site and iphone app for kids and their parents for FREE

I'm a software developer and a diabetic and as a way to give back to the community, I want to build a website and iPhone app that will encourage kids to monitor their BG.

Kids would select a robot avatar that would encourage them.
Here are the features I'm planning

1) Simple interface: Enter the number and you're done.
2) Reward/Badge system: Kids win badges for all sorts of events. e.g. 3 good measurements, multiple day streaks of measurements, etc.
3) Parents receive an email/txt when the child records the BG
4) Completely anonymous: Kids use the Avatar and name the avatar robot. There is no way to discover the actual identity of the child.
5) Actual rewards: I'll make stickers and send them out in the mail as rewards.

My plan is to make the app and the website COMPLETELY FREE FOREVER.

I don't mind paying the cost for now, but eventually I'll look for sponsors to keep the app free.

I'm looking for parents to help me with ideas, feedback, etc.

I'm *NOT* looking for money. I just want to get feedback from parents so that I know I'm going the right direction.

I'm setting up a blog to keep track of the progress of development. The domain is http://www.robobetics.com/

Please email me if you are interested to participate.


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Great IDEA !!!

Go ahead, and if you can merge with some kind of game that will play after the measurement this will be more than perfect !!!

Would you be willing to help with translation to Portuguese?

OF COURSE I DO. Manoel, My KID (9y/o), who is Type 1 since age 1, can read perfectly English, Spanish and Portuguese. So WE can HELP you in both translations (as you wish).

I love this idea!!!

We Will be waiting...

Manoel is the one with TYPE-1

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One of the big features of this app is the reward system. Most video games have a "badge" reward system where kids can see all the badges they have earned". To keep the encouragement going, there must be a continuous stream of rewards.

Please help me create a list of possible reward criteria for example

"Hat Trick" - Three consecutive good readings
"Short Circuit" - Used the app 5 days in a row


Will Discuss with MANOEL tonight and I will let yo know !!!

He already helped designing a computer game...

Thank you! I'll put his name in the credits! In fact, I'll put everyone who contribute in the credits.

Hi Chuck

I have been thinking about something similar for a good while. I'm working on point 3. setting up an automatic email/ text system to transfer bs readings. This is possible partly at the moment using the ibgstar blood sugar reader but the problem is the reading is not automatically transferred as it is taken. I have asked sanofi to consider upgrading the iphone app to allow the user to choose an automatic receiver once the blood sugar reading is taken but no luck so far. It would be absolutely incredible if this could be enabled because it would allow us to assist with coordinating with our sons care when we are not in direct location ie in school, at friends, relations etc. If is was combined with any of the location apps it could also be a really useful beacon in case a low reading was registered.

best of luck

Its a terrific idea. The only downside I see is that giving badges based purely on good measurements may have the opposite effect and cause bad feelings. Afterall, sometimes despite doing everything "right" all diabetics are going to have bad numbers at times. I know my daughter would be discouraged if she was hoping for a badge of some sort and didn't get it because she had a reading out of range :( That being said, if there was a way it could help to spot trends or teach children how to look for trends that would be helpful as well.

We can give multiple badges. For example, we can give a badge for completing 3 measurements in that day, but in addition they can get a second badge for 3 good readings.
I occasionally ( ok more than occasionally ) play Black Ops 2 on the playstation and they give out multiple badges to each player at the end of each game. It would be fun if the child can received 10-20 badges each day with a variety of 50+ possible badges. They can try to collect all the badges and have a goal to work towards. The system could find some thing about every measurement to give a badge.
I'm thinking of:
"That's Odd": Three odd numbered reading in a row
"Even Steven": Three even numbered readings in a row
"Palindrome" : 121, 202, 88, 99, etc
"Crazy 8s": 88
"Right on Target": a reading between 80-100
"Bullseye": 100mg/dL

if the child tests 88mg/dL, he/she might receive the following badges: Palindrome, Right on Target, Crazy 8s

I would like to get at least 50 and reach a target of 100 different badges.

I think this would be a great idea! My child is 11 and he doesn't really like the little kid stuff anymore. So I know in order for him to use it,it would need to be geared more towards his age group. I also think his age group is the the time children start resisting caring for their disease, because they just want to normal. So any incentive would be awesome.

Anything similar to Black Ops, Halo or the like would be good.

Could you come up with one geared toward teens as well. As some of us have Type 1s nearing driving age, I know we would love to be sure our teens check bg before getting behind the wheel!

Teens are bit harder to please with game style apps. Perhaps a social networking style app where they can connect with other early teens so that they can encourage each other. I wear a Nike Fuelband with my friends to encourage exercising.
I'll try to take this on as the next Free app after Robobetics.

I started a new section on my app blog to write down "achievements". If you have the time, please help me come up with some game achievements.


As a T1, parent of a 7 year-old T1 and brother to a third T1, it's fantastic to see so much enthusiasm for this idea. Especially since, well, I'm working for a company that's building a similar app.

The app we're working on is called Monster Manor and you can find a bunch more info on it starting here: Monster Manor

It's into Beta testing right now and will be, for the record, completely free.

Two things we could really use though are:
- More beta testers
- More feedback from parents and kids about what you want/need the app to do

I've already messaged Chuck about this but if there's anybody else who would like to help us build a killer app I would love to hear from you at Adrian@ayogo.com