How about "Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring"? Vote for it!

The 4th Motor team consists of four girls, ages 8 through 12.

Proposed an invention for Global Innovation Award
From the award site:
Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring
MAR 4 UPDATE: Received provisional patent today!! FEB 12 UPDATE: Applied for a provisional patent for our solution. EVERY DAY almost 200,000 kids with Type 1 Diabetes have to prick their fingers over 1 million times! They have to do this to monitor their glucose level to be sure it doesn’t go too high or too low. If that happens, they can become very sick. Our team has come up with an innovative way to combine RFID technology, microchips and a really cool looking watch so that kids never have to prick their fingers again. We were able to review our solution with a biomedical engineer from Boston University who specializes in Diabetes research. We incorporated his suggestions into our design, so we believe our solution has a real chance of helping kids with Type 1 Diabetes. Please take a look at our solution for Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring and cast a vote for us - Thanks!

Here is their submission document

They need your vote to win $20,000 (USD) so they can file a US patent, create a prototype and get it on its way to becoming one of those “can’t live without it” inventions.

They are in 3rd place with your vote they could win.

Vote everyday....Voting ends on March 18th

I voted and put it on another forum I belong to that has 80,000 members… hopefully we will get this done!

Hmm that does look promising! A one-time implant sure beats the type of CGM we have now.

will it come in green?


Voted. Ed Dimiano’s wife was my daughter’s pediatrician. Really fabulous doctor. We were stunned when her child developed T1 and they moved but I googled her a few years later to discover what they were up do. I will certainly buy whatever they make. One gizmo shot in every 180 days sounds like a winner!

Although I have to agree w/ TimmyMac that I would prefer another color…

I must have missed that 180 day part. That is still better than 3 days though!

Thank you all for helping and voting for a good cause that hopefully will help making kids with Type 1 better. This is a prototype am sure there will be different colors!

Let keep voting for them EVERY DAY and hope they win.

Thanks again