I will Become a Vegan Jan. 1st, 2009!

I have been a Vegetarian for 3 years, since Jan. 1st, 2006. I lost 53# and kept off. I will now move on to being a Vegan. I feel it has helped me in losing weight, being a lot healthier. I think with all the new products in the Veggie Area I can get along just great.
Anyone else out there doing it? It has truly helped my Diabetes.

We have a group here for Vegan Diabetics and another for Vegetarian Diabetics.

Best of luck with your new plan!!!

Thanks, for tip. I had not looked that far yet.

I hope so?? I pretty much have been a Vegan anyway but laid out a plan to go with it full blast!!

Hi Randall.

I ( two kids and wife) eaten vegan for over 25 years. The kids grew up eating vegan as well. With that said, It is important to cook your own food as often as you can . Eat wide variety of plants from every color you can find. Read as much as can on the subject and how it relates to your body and health. Becarefull because a lot of vegan cookies, etc are high in carbs!
Be prepared to deal with eating partners because they will often beat you up for not eating animal products.
Good Luck. And now i am going to check out that vegan group Melisa( i think) said is in here :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have pretty much been doing it anyway, just going to make it official…haha
My wife is a Celiac, so we eat weird anyway. Kids and families all together for Thanksgiving. They made lot’s of foods Gluten Free for the Wife and I had my Vegan foods.

Curious…what’s a Vegan??? I have never heard of this before:)


I’m pretty sure that this is a vegetarian who, ontop of not eating meat… also does not eat any by-products of animals (eggs, dairy products… etc.). Please correct me if I’m wrong!

That is it. I will give it all up. I pretty much have anyway. I am doing this for health reasons/Diabetes among other.

Emily hit it right on!

I will give up all animaloducts as well as dairy, eggs, etc. Vegan eats no animal product.

Thank you! I learned something new today