I wish the DOC could get together and file a class action suit. People like this are a danger to everyone

This guy has the cure and says one of the first steps to being cured is to stop taking your meds/insulin...


Dr. Saunders received compensation for this testimonial and recommendation. He just did it for the money.

Please folks, don't bother clicking on this - it is a complete scam and so wrong on multiple fronts. Google "barton publishing" "diabetesreversed.com" to see the scores of people who've lost their money on this. just completely wacko. and dangerous.

That is frightening. While I believe that some of their suggestions will help T2s who are currently not doing anything to watch their diet or doing any exercise it will kill T1s.

In a thumbnail: Stop drinking regular soda, eating ice cream and other sugar filled, refined carbs. Exercise and eat lean meats, veggies and whole grains. Take their cinnamon and chromium piccolinate tabs and your T1 and T2 will be cured in 4 weeks.

This is probably fine for pre-diabetics to try since many of them are on diet and exercise as a treatment anyway but they can do it without paying these people a penny.