Idk what to do

So I’m T1 and on insulin I’m taking 35 units 2x a day and my readings are still mid 200 to high 500 my doctor tells me that the pump is not an option cause I need to be leveled for about 6 months before we can even think about that but as of right now I’m trying to eat right I take my meds I run a bicycle 20miles on the days I work and yet my levels are still out of controle Idk what to do or where to start I’m a lol worried cause old what’s gonna happen my body shuts down on me there’s days where I can make it to work cause I can not get out of bed I need to figure this issue out not just for me but for my 5 children if anyone knows of anything I can try or where I can start please help thank you and God Bless

Find another endo who will put you on pump right now to regulate your blood sugars

If you are to ever go on a pump you first need to learn MDI (multiple daily injections). I know you are doing two shots a day but MDI is different.

MDI consists of taking both short and long acting insulin. Long acting to cover basal need and short acting at meals with dosage adjusted to match the number of carbs you plan to eat at that meal.

Using a pump requires that you learn all the same skills as those needed to do MDI.

I agree that another doctor might be needed especially if your current doctor is not an endocrinologist. The two shot a day routine you are now on seems to be a little out of date.

Two books often recommended for basic information are "Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner and "Using Insulin" by John Walsh. As Gary said, your current routine is out of date. A new doctor could be a big help.

Thank you all I will most definitely look into these things

It's all about the balance, it's hard to say what's going on. When you say 35U, are you taking 30/70? Or some of two different kinds? I totally disagree with using 30/70 as I think that insulin can be very finely tuned. I agree w/ Trudy's book recs. If you can share a bit more info, we may be able to provide slightly better answers but insulin is more than just taking it, it has to be balanced with food and that can be very challenging! Good job on the bike riding. I keep thinking I should ride my bike to work but the taking junior to school, running errands, etc. always get in the way...

What insulins are you using? Definitely you need to be on MDI (long acting insulin once or twice a day and fast acting insulin (bolus) used before meals and to make corrections. You will need to count carbs and learn how to dose for them. YOu will also need to learn how to do correction injections.

If you are just taking 35 units of some mixed insulin twice a day you do not have the tools you need to control your diabetes.

Find a new doctor if yours will not get you on a more modern regime. Actually find a new doctor anyway. Any doctor that is happy to let his patient run at the levels you are at without giving concrete assistance / tools / training should not be your doctor.

I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. Do you see an endocrinologist? I really do not understand just using 35 units of insulin 2x a day. With type 1 you do not make insulin so you would need a long acting (basal) insulin to give you a base line. Then you need to count carbs to know how much fast acting (bolus) insulin you need for each meal. The basal amount stays pretty much the same every day. The bolus amount changes based on blood sugar readings and the food you eat. Hope this gives some basic info to start a conversation with your doctor.

I found out I was type 1 instead of type 2 back in May - I was taking large doses of basal insulin 2x a day which sounds like what Hector is doing (my wild guess).

Hector - read Think Like a Pancreas and consider calling Gary's company for some education on multiple daily injections.

Adding fast acting insulin 3 to 4 times a day, dosing based on your blood sugar plus your carb intake will help you manage. Once you start taking fast acting insulin, you will likely need to adjust you base dosage to less units to avoid going hypoglycemic

Good Luck and I will be praying for you