To pump or not to pump

I am going on three years Type 1 just finished radiation for breast cancer and and temoxafine and new endo thinks a pump would be best course of action to get a1c under 7.0. Anyone have any feelings about

Hi hummingbird; I hope you are recovering well from your treatments.

I love my pump and couldn't imagine going back to MDI; like many of us (though not all). You don't give any detail about why you have had a hard time getting your A1C under 7.0. The pump is a wonderful tool, but it is not a panacea. You still need to count carbs and test frequently. You are the one who programs the pump for your I:C, basal rates and ISF. If you haven't done well with those routines on MDI there is no magic bullet with a pump. But the pump does allow you to more accurately set your basal needs which vary throughout the day; so if you struggled with basal insulin dosing, this is a huge advantage. Also if you have DP. Plus it allows you to bolus amounts in very small increments so you can more exactly bolus for carbs or to correct highs. Then there is the improvement of quality of life! I personally had an ok A1C on MDI but love my pump for the convenience. So really it's up to you what matters to you and what you need help with form your tools.

Thanks. I think I’m still on the honeymoon with this thing but once I started hormone treatment with the anti cancer drugs I was having more highs then I liked. The new endo wanted me off the oral meds and was thinking I’m just being stubborn not wanting a pump. I don’t want my body to work harder then it has to

Ok, I'm confused, Hummingbird. Are you on MDI (shots) now? Are you asking about pump vs MDI or pump vs oral meds?

I'm not sure what you mean by not wanting your body to work harder than it has to, but high blood sugars is definitely doing just that. Also the common belief is that for a LADA/Type 1 to start insulin as soon as possible is a way of slowing down the attack on the beta cells and preserving your own production of insulin as long as possible.

I don't know anything about anti cancer drugs but it sounds that they, like many strong drugs drive up your blood sugars which insulin is the best tool to bring them back down. The only question I'd have in your situation is whether you need added stress now. While most of us end up loving our pumps there is an initial learning curve and until you get doses figured out you can actually have worse, not better blood sugars.

I’m on oral meds and insulin but new endo says stop oral meds and up insulin shots or maybe a pump. Yes the added learning curve is an issue. My plate is more then fill… Hubby is in renal failure and I’m working two jobs 5 days a week and one on the sixth. So having said that what amount of time do you think it takes to get in the grove. I can’t really afford lows because I’m toooooo busy. But on the other hand I need to be on my game. See my dilemma

Yes, I do, and I'm sorry about all that you are dealing with. I think it could be a couple or a few weeks until your doses are ideal. But in general you will want to start your doses conservatively, so you are more likely to deal with highs for awhile, than lows, until you slowly up your doses for better control.

I know your time is short but I hope you have good support for yourself in your life, in whatever form. It helps to not feel alone.

Zoe - thanks. Yes I think the honeymoon is over and I’m looking into the pump.i was able to keep my a1c under 7 with good diet ,night lantus and some mealtime shots when needed but that is not working to keep me from spiking .