If you need to test 5x a day

Hello everyone…I wanted to ask a question…if you need to test 5x a day what are good times. I usually test before I get up in the morning…before lunch test again after 2 hours…before dinner and before bedtime. What times do you test your blood sugar? What works for you? I’ve noticed that of course your blood sugar go’s up and down during the day depending on what you eat. I had 2 homemade breakfast burrittos yesterday for breakfast …it had eggs,bell pepper & cheeder cheese on flour tortias. I had two when I should of had just one. I still need to learn how to adjust my carbs.
Thanx for any input you all might have.

I test at rising before and 2 hours after meals. I test before exercise and a short while after. I am a T2 but I like to see how different foods and exercise affect me. I like to keep close watch also on my BG.

Watching carbs is your best bet. watch out for hidden fats also. both can jack up the BG in no time.

Good luck and God bless.

Personally I test before every meal, 3 hours after after meal, before bedtime, and possibly in the middle of the night. And that isn’t counting if I do vigorous exercise and if I do that then I test before or after that. I would so love to be able to get away with testing 5 times a day.

Your testing schedule is good. You may want to add a few times like before and after exercise and like Cody and I do in the middle of the night if you get up and feel a little funny. Also if you snack is another good time. For the breakfast if you want to watch the carbs and are quite hungry, just eat the eggs, peppers and cheese on their own and eat as much as you want. Dropping the tortillas or using low carb tortillas will help to drop your carb intake. You are on the right track and doing a good job. Have faith in yourself. And remember to log in your journal or log book so you can keep track of how things affect you Keep up the good work.

Thank you all for you input…I will think about what all of you have said and do those things as well. It’s nice to have a support system. I’ve been diabetic for 7 years, I moved to Georgia about a year ago and left mey job of 13 years…to find myself without health insurance! Well I’m working again and just recently got health insurance. I was 6 months without my oral meds! I was going to a free clinic but they only take you for a few months I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago and my A1c was 13! But it won’t be for long…the Dr. said if I don’t get my BS down I will be put on insulin! Needless to say my BS is fine now, I’ve cut out all sugar and added salt and look at all the lables for carbs, sodium,calories and sugar…even fat. I have been exercising for 3 1/2 months now every other day and I feel good.

Hello! I test at breakfast, 2 hours after, snack , lunch, two hours after, snack , 2hours after, dinner, two hours after, snack, 2 hours after and bedtime. And when i am feeling low or to high. Well hope i hope you. Are you type1 or 2. Take Care. diabeticidol94

Hello Cathy…just recaping on what you said about insulin…I’m not scared of taking insulin…I don’t claim what the doctor is telling me that if I don’t get my blood sugar down i will be put on insulin. I know whit diet and exersise that i won’t even have to take the oral meds, because I’ve done it before. The God i serve has my back in all I do. I continue to speak life into my body. My blood suger is already down to where it needs to be. I love my life more than a few sugared snacks or carb filled meals. We need to take back our power, and treat our bodys as the specail temple that it is. We are worth the very best! Be encouraged!
God Bless you all!

Well, there is no standard best time to test. It depends on what you are trying to learn from the test.

If you want to see how high your blood sugar is going after eating a specific amount of carbs test 1 hour after meals (or 75 minutes after you start eating.)

If you want to see if your blood sugar is coming down to a safe level after eating, test at 2 hours after eating.

If you are injecting insulin and want to know if your basal dose is set correctly, test when you wake up or before a meal. But I see you aren’t using insulin.

Check out this technique for testing. It is the best way to get your A1c down to rock solid normal: