Same old, same old

Well, I called up for my latest HbA1c results and I’m satisfied. 5.8

It’s been 5.8 for the past 3 tests so I suppose that’s a good thing. I’m still seeing the odd higher number 2 hours after dinner, that I don’t like. 11’s etc - and for no consistent reason that I can figure out (I do have to be strict with my carb levels at night). Not to mention higher fasting numbers - average is around 6.5 but has been up to 7.8. I’ve read online that a snack before bedtime helps, but for me it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Perhaps I haven’t found the right type of snack??

My after breakfast numbers are fine though. Usually between 5-6.5 2 hours later, and that’s after cereal. I hear a lot of type 2 diabetics are able to tolerate carbs better at night than in the mornings but it seems to be the opposite for me. Not exactly convenient for me when I start work at 6.30am and am barely awake enough to even notice what I’m eating!

Have you tried going for a walk after dinner? Something that was passed on to me. If you do a little bit of walking within 20 minutes of getting up from the table it will help the numbers go down.
Also, if you don some stretching that includes your hands over your head: itis more aerobic. ( which causes your body to use those carbs before they settle.)
Would you like to join us over at the “Weight Loss Team?” We could be an encouragement to one another.:wink:

I do my exercising at nights (exercise bike) but perhaps I need to do it earlier… might have to give that a try.

I didn’t know about the hands over the head thing being more aerobic either. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: