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Hi everyone. I stumbled upon your community by accident today when searching for Libre event error codes not included in users manual.

Read many posts regarding the Libre system and was very intrigued and also wanted to voice my opinion.

Thanks for being here and please bear with me as I am NOT familiar with forums or making posts. NOT computer literate at all and do not participate in “social media”.

I feel proud to have learned about email but even that is limited.

Thanks for allowing me to join your community.


Hi I’m Liz been T1 since 10. Im 37 now. On my been using Medtronic pump for about 9 years. Got dexcom yesterday. Would really like the tslimX2 but since I’m under warranty with the Medtronic it seems like I’ll have to wait another 2 years. Omgah🤦🏻‍♀️I’m having some kidney issues that are still minor at this point but I feel like if I could get the tslim that communicated with the dexcom it would be so much better. My hubs and I have an almost 11 year old daughter that I want to be around for!!


@Babs5 - Welcome! You’re not familiar with forums and posting? You could have fooled me! You’re doing great!!


That wasn’t an accident… it’s how most people find this place!!



Hi T1D friends. I’ve been a Type 1 since I was four. To be honest, diabetes has been the hardest, but one of the best parts of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I would love a fully functioning pancreas, but because of diabetes, I have learned how to be a much more empathetic, disciplined, and grateful person. Diabetes is tough. It never goes away. It never gives you a day off, even when it’s your birthday, but I’m grateful for where the current tech and research is today. I’m incredibly grateful to have diabetes now rather than 100 years ago, especially being a mom of a rambunctious 2 year old and with one on the way.

Diabetes has shaped me into who I am, and has led me to a lot of amazing people (also diabetic or people who have been affected by having a loved one with diabetes). Because of Diabetes, I decided at a young age to devote my life to giving back and helping other diabetics. Today, I am a Dietitian and a Diabetes Educator. I absolutely love working with diabetics (especially young adults and diabetic moms) because I understand them on a very personal level.

I’m grateful to be a part of this great community, and am always happy to make more T1D friends. :smile:


What are your questions about Libre? I have tried it out (I have tried all of the CGMs) and it works pretty dang well for the price compared to Medtronic and Dexcom. It doesn’t have alerts or bluetooth for sharing, but I was happy with how well it worked when I tried it. It is said that it has a 30 min lag time, but I felt it was closer to 5-10 min. Also, it’s prescription based so it is easier to get a hold of and quickly. I’m a Diabetes Educator, RD, and T1D, so I like to try out the different available tech to help other T1Ds.


Hello everyone!! My name is Angelique, I am about to turn 42, the proud mama of a 21 year old son, a newlywed and I am on my 4th diabetes diagnosis. At 19 I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes… at 21 they remembered to check me and told me that I was a Type 2 Diabetic… After being placed on Rezulin (taken off the market for liver failure) and then Glucophage (tore up my stomach) I was sent to the Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse, NY where they told me I was not Type 2, but Type 1 Diabetic. I went back on insulin and was later asked (5 Endocrinologists later and in a new state) if I had ever had the blood test to see if I had the “Type 1 Marker”. Ummmmm no?? So after the blood work was done they told me I was NOT Type 1 and that I must be Type 1.5! I have been diagnosed as some form of diabetic since 1996 and still not convinced they’ve figured me out. I have been on an insulin pump several years after using the insulin pen and coming to grips with the idea of being attached to something 24/7. I admit it has slowed the roller coaster but now I am faced with frequent lows… which leads me back to the question am I REALLY a diabetic? Or just something that affects my endocrine system? Can’t wait to read all of your personal insights into our world of diabetes :slight_smile:


My favorite nurse practitioner ordered a c peptide test to make sure I wasn’t producing any insulin… your 5th endocrinologist should be able to do the same…I’ve been type 1 since I was 8 years old, but it was nice to be 100% sure…my c peptide test was -3 or -2 or something like that. I’ve always had the best luck with a Dr or nurse practitioner who was a type 1, or at least a registered dietitian… there’s usually someone in the office who is, but they seem to change and move often, so it can be tough…this place is great though… usually people respond quick and will offer excellent empirical advice.


Thanks Roger!


Type 2 diabetes for 23 years. My HbA1C during those 23 years has ranged from 5.9 to 6.4. Last two both 6.0. Of course, this has been done with increasing medication – most recently on Metformin 1000mg 2x per day, Trulicity 1.5 weekly, Prandin 1-2 mg as needed and Humalog as needed.

Am very interested in the talk about the inaccuracy of glucometers. Very discouraging!


I was in search of the event log error codes. They are not in the manual or user’s guide or whatever they call it.


Hi @Mick5, welcome to TuD! Venting and sharing frustrated and depressed feelings about being stuck with this disease is absolutely fair game for this site. Hopefully, hearing from others who know exactly what you’re experiencing can offer some relief.

One of the things that can be supremely frustrating is the relentlessness of this disease. It isn’t about “I’ll just take this insulin stuff for a few weeks and then I’ll be all well again!” (Weirdly, some people who have no experience or knowledge of it think it’s exactly that–“Aren’t you over that yet?” is one of those comments frequently mocked around here). One thing I hear in your remarks is something we all experience to some extent. Even though you’re doing well, and everyone is “amazed how you’re doing,” they have no idea how it feels to know what a constant, 24/7 effort it is, how much time you have to spend thinking and planning around it. There are no vacation days!

Being stuck with that barrier between you and 99% of the people you interact with can feel very stifling. For my part it was 20 years before I ever even met another person with type one, and discovering the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) was enormously liberating and helpful after all those years of isolation. So I hope you’ll stick around–we DO get where you’re coming from!


Ten years ago I was diagnosed as a 1.5 with an A1c of 12.0n but i had a PC that thought. Low carb should be tried first. I was very fortunate to have a great education and that my body reactied to a low carb diet (30 carbs or less a day)
Currently on diet and exercise only (I am a runner) my current A1c is 5.7 without meds. Currently 73 and healthy. Thanks for letting me join.
I am no longer diagnosed as LADA

I consider controlling my carb intake to be my medicine and daily exercise to be my stabilizing factor. I have been 6.0 and under for 10 years.

I am not your “typical” (hate that term ) T2 with a BMI of 27, I have not consumed sugary beverages for 30+ years. Mainly vegetarian diet plus a protein. I no longer eat rice or pasta, any bread, No added sugar.
I have been through all the antibody testing, I was on Metformin for 1.5 years, no medication since then. No other medical problems.

My only complaint is people ask, how can I be diabetic I am not fat. Or you must have lost a lot of weight. I think the total is 10 pounds. But in much better shape.
Or the most frustrating question “why did your previous doctor diagnose you as diabetic if you can control your numbers now? I think it was that 325 BG on a fasting for a physical with an A!C of 12.0.

I just have body that is very carbohydrate intolerance.


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Hi everyone!
I’m Jessica, a 33 year old mom to 2 boys. They are 14 and 7 years old. I found out I was diabetic while attempting to join the Army about 10 years ago.
For the last 10 years I have had the diagnosis and treatment of a type 1 diabetic. I was told that because I was still fairly young, and not having weight issues I was a type 1 diabetic. I have struggled with the daunting task of Insulin and glucose checks. I have always been in denial and knew something wasn’t right. I asked my current doctor if there was any way for sure to tell what kind of diabetic I am, and it turns out THERE IS! So after a bit of blood work, it turns out I DO make some insulin. I don’t make enough though, so I have started oral medications to control the sugar levels.
I am now off insulin and trying out metformin. It made me incredibly sick for the 1st week, but I think I am finally getting used to it.
I am hoping to learn new recipes and tips and tricks about diabetes.


This sounds so familiar!


Hi my name is Philip, I was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 13 while I was vacationing in Tokyo oddly enough. The downside was it ruined my vacation, the upside was I got to stay in Japan for 2 more weeks lol. They have a very low frequency of T1D cases in fact I was the first at that hospital in something like 2 years so the doctors were fascinated.

I am now a grown adult with 2 kids and my wife recommended I try to find a community to connect with other diabetics. I think I found this place while trying to research my DexCom my insurance just mailed me. I post on alot of forums, but it never occurred to me there would be a great community for diabetes.


Welcome to all newbies here. Enjoy this great community. lol!


Hi, my name is Matt. Quick stats. Type 1 since 1981. 16 years on a pump. Pumps used. Disetronic H-tron (Absolutely bulletproof pump that I loved) Animas, Tandem T-Slim, Tandem T-slim x2 (just started last week). Been using a G6 for 2 weeks. I love the outdoors. I hike, canoe/kayak, climb mountains. I don’t usually post to forums, but I have found some valuable info there.