If Your Diabetes Could Talk... What would it say about you? My top 10 List

What would your Diabetes say to you?

Mine would say something like this...

1. Are you ready for some ups and downs?

2. Do you really think I care what you eat?

3. A shedule... Ha, I don't work on a schedule.

4. How low can you go, How High can you fly?

5. I never sleep and I am always working against you, Nice to meet you too.

6. Today will be a bad day, any questions?

7. Are you thinking of me? I'm thinking about you?

8. Life is like a box of chocolates... expect without the chocolate for you!

9. Need Insulin? I'm not telling you how much!!!

10. Who doens't like finger pricks, needles, and infusion sets? Oh wait, you don't, lol.

  1. I need to eat a whole chocolate cake. :smiley:

1- I am the friend you never wanted.

2-I will rule your life and there is nothing you can bloody do about it.

3-Today I will behave BUT tomorrow will be a different story.

4-DON`T eat that…Hahahhaha…I knew it, you just can’t help yourself.

5-I know… I will go low at the worst possible time.

I could go on for ever but think I should stop now. lol
Love your ones…On point they are.

  1. So you think you can control or manage me, HA! I’ll show you.
  2. I never sleep. Wait until you see the present waiting for you in the morning.
  3. Oh, you have a meeting with important people. Ooo goody, I love showing off.

You prick…as in lancet for those with a dirty mind. :}

I am ALWAYS here no matter what you do!!

Hey…I know this…George Thorogood!

If my Diabetes could talk… It would probably say,

So you think you got me under control?

Why do you want a cure? I thought you wanted to be together for ever and ever. I can ridden your body with complications that I can cause. I don’t understand?

Who is in control here, Me or You?

I don’t need any of that F ing insulin. I am doing just fine here.

Hay! Lets ride the roller coaster! Lets get your blood sugar down to say 45 or so. Then after you freak out, you can “over treat” that low and go high, say 300. I love it when you go high, I feel that I am in control then.

I love it when you throw all that freaking money my way. Strips$, Doctors$, insulin$, pump$, infusion lines$, glucose tabs$. Diabetes is BIG MONEY! And I am here to win baby! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

What dargirl would say to her Diabetes. F you! I am in control!

Happy Diabetic this was a great excercise!

I love #20

Ha Ha, I was rolling with this one!

So True. Oh you want a cure, I thought we could be friends forever… lol

It would say…
“Lose weight…dammit!”

mine would say
I bet you thought you were hungry, sake your not!
How low can you go~~
Eat that cake and i’ll make you regret all that insulin you have to cover it
Let’s do the high and low tango
I’m craving brownies, time for a low to happen

I am your life partner, for richer or poorer, sickness or in health, till death do us apart.

Mine would say…

Hello Kaila,
Diabetes here. Just reminding you that I am randomly gonna wake you up an hour after you fall into a deep sleep… To drop you to 40. Mess with your body temperature like a kid playing with the buttons on the thermostat… Then make you feel like a grumpy butt… With a little dose of nausea and headache cause I feel like hanging out in the 300’s. But then you don’t appreciate all that I do for you and give me that Kryptonite aka insulin but I find a way to crash you down again. Its a love hate relationship. Now go back to sleep, I’ll wake you up again later.

My diabetes would talk to me like that part in the movie The Terminator. Where the good guy is telling the girl about the robot. I never sleep, nothing can stop me and I won’t stop till I get you even if it’s a piece one at a time (paraphrase) LOL like Dr evil in Austin Powers!!!

Do you like to fly high??

How low can you go?

ohh I am sorry I wasn’t planned in your day.

if I don’t sleep then neither do you.

and you thought you were all ready for that meal ha ha!!

hey eat this then we can spend more time paying atten. to me!

you did everything right today huh? well here’s a loop for you… Ughhh low agian!

I hope you love rollercoasters cause life with me is all about the highs and lows!

Hey hey don’t forget to pack my stuff too he he he!!

I get what I want and when I want it!

I love #19 Gerri… We know about those early morning gifts of lowies and highies that can wreck the beginning of the day!! LOL

God Bless,

Does this mean I canlt give my Grandma some suga?!!!

I think the Ketones are playing at the House of Blues tonight!