IInsurance question

I am going to switch jobs soon and I was wondering, how the insurance things work... Currently my son is using OmniPod but we are thinking of trying Animas. I was told by my current insurance, that they will pay for a switch. What happens when I change a job soon. Will my new insurance pay for the new pump again? If I want to go back to OmniPod will I ever be able to?

Every insurer is different and every company has their own coverage. We've had different insurers with the same company and every time the insurance switches the coverage changes. HAP covered everything including Omnipods with no questions asked. We then had to switch to BCBS and the Omnipod wasn't covered at all. Most insurance will pay for a pump but the Omnipod is treated differently. You probably won't have any trouble with the Animas or Medtronic but I would try and find out about the Omnipod (which will more than likely not be easy). If you switch to Animas with your current insurance, you're new will probably continue the coverage (but maybe with different deductibles, co-pays etc.)
Every one is different so the best thing would be to speak with a human resource rep at your new place and see what you can find out.
Good luck!

From my experience, when you get new insurance you get new coverage. Before I got Omnipod I was on BCBS and had the Accu-check Spirit. I wanted to change pumps but thought I need to wait for the 4 year warranty to be up. But because I changed from one BCBS account to another when I inquired about getting a new pump with my new insurance I was told since I didnt get the pump with them I was free to get another one whenever I was ready. So basically it was like I never had a pump

I have both changed jobs and had my insurance provider changed by the company I work for in the past few years. There were no problems continuing my pod coverage in either case.