Switching back to previous pump

Hey Everyone,

I originally had an Animas Ping pump and I switched to an Omnipod pump after 1.5 years. I paid for the Onmipod Remote out of pocket via a promotion offered through insulet corp.

2 things happened:

1 My new insurance doesn't have insult as one of their "preferred providers". They prefer people use either Animas or Medtronic and it is cheaper to do so for supplies and such.

2. I don't care for the omnipod and I want to switch back. I still have my old pump. If I switch back is that okay?

Just wondering if anyone has ever switched back to their old pump and how it worked? As in, was the oriental pump still covered under warranty? Did they give you a hard time etc. etc. Any advice would be appreciated.


Your "old" Animas Ping will go out of warranty four years from the time that you originally placed it into service.

Are you asking if it's likely that your insurance provider will cover your Animas supplies? I don't know about your actual insurance policy, but mine doesn't seem to care about the supply order, as long as I'm not ordering more than what I need for 90 days.

While on an Animas Ping in 2012, I switched to the Omnipod using an Insulet promotional offer of $199, for the PDM. I then placed an order for pods and my insurance covered them without hesitation. I used the O'pods for 5 months until I had one too many occlusions with attendant hyper BGs. I threw the O'pod overboard!

I switched back to the Animas Ping and started ordering Ping supplies. My insurance didn't bat an eye. One month later (at the 4-year anniversary of the old Ping pump) I ordered a new Ping and the insurance covered it without a hitch.

I don't think you'll have a problem. Call the Animas customer service department and explain your situation. They know all the ins and outs of insurance and will probably have the definitive answer for you. They and you have aligned interests. Good luck!

That is exactly what I wanted to know Terry, if Animas would still warranty the original pump for 4 years from when I started using it and if I would have problems with Omnipod Thank you soooooo much!

I love that your autocorrect turned "Insulet" into "insult" and "original" into "oriental." Don't ya love technology! I'm fluent in typo. ;-)

In general, warranties are a time-limited promise from the manufacturer to repair/replace the product for any failures of defects. It generally doesn't matter whether you used the product continuously or left it on the shelf and used it once right before the warranty expired. If you experience a problem during the warranty period, it's covered.


Don't you know? That Oriental pump is similar to Canadian Diabetes I spoke of in a different discussion -- totally different disease :-) :-)