IL-35 Protein Looking Promising

And they’ll vote for us next time anyway because we brought them ‘affordable healthcare’

This thread has really gone down the drain. All of these puns mouse go!


I think you meant “down the toilet”. After all, that’s the standard way that deceased mice make their journey to the Great Swiss Cheese In The Sky.

As for the thread going off the rails, I don’t know… I still think things are looking pretty promising for mice. Well, lab mice, at least. I mean, what with diabetes cures, Mousama Care in in 2018, the future’s so bright mice gotta wear shades!


I moused respectfully disagree. Maintaining a sense of humor is important when trying to mouster something as challenging as diabetes.


Mice protest discrimination by humans and demand inclusion in current trial, saying “we need curing too”.

Substance P is a peptide (a part of a protein) which is used by several different organs and for several different purposes. Research done in the early 2000s found that a specific type of neuron (called “TRPV1(+) pancreatic sensory neurons”) control islet inflammation and insulin resistance. Removing these neurons from NOD mice prevented diabetes from developing.

Injecting NOD mice with Substance P, which affects these neurons, cured diabetes. This clinical trial will test this same treatment in people, rather than mice.

I think they used Substance P in Star Trek to cure the loss of telepathy in Spock.

It’s also an excellent airplane de-icing compound, UV glass coating, fondet flavoring, and athletic shoe insert gel.

It’s amazingly versatile stuff.

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May the farce be with you.

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If only you knew the POWUH, of the Dark Side of The Farce!

Actually I did try to research that, but there’s a darth of information available.


Would you plan on volunteering for tests to find a treatment that works in humans but not in mice? Note that such a treatment would probably have no prior testing before you try it.

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