Potential "cure" for Type 1

Very interesting concept:


This is old news already. I guess anything could be a “potential cure”. What we need a “will most likely” cure diabetes. I’m still not sure why the keep using the mouse model when it never translates to humans?

This is the first I heard of targeting Glucagon - I agree - after 30 years of diabetes, it’s get old hearing that everything is 5 years away, 10 years away, in your lifetime, etc.

Gotta keep the faith though!

If you define a cure as restoring homeostasis… That’s a really open ended way of defining your cure.

There should be results from phase 2 human trial, another potential cure for diabetes being released in the next few months from Exsulin Corp. This is what I was told from the CEO of Exsulin a few months back. She stated they should have data by the end of Quarter 1 2011. We know Ingap peptide has been shown to be safe but now lets see how effective it really is in the human environment. I’ve had hopes for this one for quite a few years. I think its kind of do or die for them at this point. I’m xing my fingers.

Better and more stable management solutions are a winning situation… Though a ideal cure would be nice, not every option is going to work well for everybody…