Type-1 Diabetes Cure?

I ran across these two studies while I was searching for information on GLP-1, which appears to be helpful in Type-1 Diabetes. As a pharmacist, and diabetes educator, I am constantly looking for any information about the possibility of a cure. I can’t wait for the day when my son tells his wife, "I used to have diabetes when I was a kid … ".

I’m interested in your opinions. Both of these treatments have cured type-1 diabetes in mice - one was a transient cure, and the other was a complete cure.

The first link is a study that has been done at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, and the second link is information about a Phase II Clinical Trial. The clinical trial is using a generic vaccine that’s been used in humans for 90 years, which means it would be affordable to EVERYONE with diabetes, not just those with a lot of money. In the clinical trials, it has cured diabetes in humans.

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I’ve read about your second link in an article before… and I must admit that it does look promising :slight_smile:
But, I won’t get my hopes up.

I have read Dr. Faust’s paper and looked at her research, and it is legitimate. Having helped with a drug study using two drugs together for the treatment of AIDS in the early 90’s, I am familiar with what is required to get a study to Phase II clinical trials. Many drugs don’t make it past Phase I, but the fact that this has is significant. Also, since it’s already a drug that has been used several billion times over the past 90 years, that automatically pushed it further into legitimacy.

More interesting studies…Trials of type 1 diabetes vaccines bring mixed results

I’m sure that there will be a cure for your son soon. Things are moving quickly now Genetic revolution: Human Genome Project finally offers help agains…

Yeah, but does anyone know the possible side-effects, if there are any?

“But the public wants more tangible results — specifically ‘cures’ — and these are in short supply.”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/06/24/2283223_p3/human-genome-project-finally-producing.html#ixzz1RM29xDL1

I am hopeful but have been for 17 years. Things moving fast but still lots of hurdles to jump…

The BCG vaccine

BCG vaccine was originally developed to provide immunity or protection against tuberculosis (TB) - not for the treatment of diabetes.

These are the possible side effects. Keep in mind, though, that the side effects are minimal, and the vaccine has been used several billion times over the past 90 years. As with any medication, you could have more severe effects than others or effects beyond what are listed. If you do, you would definitely need to tell your doctor.

BCG vaccine side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

swollen lymph nodes

small red areas at the site of injection. (These usually appear 10-14 days after injection and slowly decrease in size. They should disappear after about 6 months.)


blood in the urine

frequent or painful urination

upset stomach


If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

severe skin rash

difficulty breathing or swallowing


All of the side effects sound a lot better than having to deal with diabetes everyday, thats for sure!

I am a blood donor in the Faustman lab and will return to Boston to donate more blood for study later in the month… I may or not be chosen as an patient in thePhase II clinical trial,l but I think that anyway that I can help with the bloodwork; will benefit someone with type 1. I have had type 1 diabetes for 43 years and I strongly believe that I will not die with this disease.

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Another interesting news report Research continues to determine whether insulin-producing cells derived from dental stem cells might one day be used as part