I'm a guinea pig

I’m officially in a research study I found on type 1 Diabetes Trialnet that’s using abatacept. It’s a drug that could possibly prolong the honeymoon phase by suppressing the part of the immune system that causes the destruction of my beta cells. I really hope I have the real drug and not the placebo and that it helps stop the attack before all my beta cells are gone. I’d love to keep on producing a bit of my own insulin!! It was approved for people with severe to moderate arthritis and the results were significant. Time will tell if I’ve gotten the drug by my insulin needs and a c-peptide test. So far my sugars are great and I’m actually taking slightly less insulin than when I was diagnosed. I started at 10u Lantus that went up to 14 and now it’s 9u Lantus. Studies show the tighter control for newly diagnosed the longer the honeymoon period so I’m definitely watching my sugars and following the right diet. The immune suppression kinda scared me at first but so far I’ve never been sick and it’s been a couple of months! Whether or not I have the drug, the study is motivating me to gain even greater control so I’m pretty happy about that. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

Great news! Keep us posted about how it goes!!