Good News!

i was taking 3 pre-meals shots and 1 b4 bed ,then i was taking 2 needles a day 1 in morning and 2nd b4 dinner but now after being on diet and excercise i only have to take 1 shot a day !!! im so happy my whole family helped me with that,im still surprised that i did it so fast,but its just bcoz diet and excercise and my mind controlling (ok so thats not,but i know how to control myself) LoL always works!!!

Thanks Elyse!!
well i wud love to share everything,u can ask wat ever u want!! can u tell me which type r u and wat about other info of urs?

Were you diagnosed as type1 insulin dependent? If so I really do not understand how you could go down to 1 injection.

I was on one shot a day in 1983 …because the Health Team did not know better , more than 25 years ago
( type 1 ) .

hey guys i’ve had diabetes for going on 8 or 9 years now and i’ve currently been on one lantus injection for 3 years and i take 17 units of insulin a day. I do have juvenile diabetes, but like waseem i have put myself on a very very strict regime when it comes to food and exercise and went from 4 needles to 1. my blood sugars are great only because i’m very strict, i am planning on going on the pump soon so i can have a little more freedom with diet and exercise, but all i’m saying is it is very much possible for a type one to be on a smaller amount of insulin and do well

well according to all the doctors im T1 insulin dependent,well im surprised more than u guys.but i think its bcoz i know wats makin me high!! now for 2 days ive been on 1 shot at morning and tablet b4 dinner,ive been on tabs 2 times but tabs didnt worked and i dont know y they put me on tabs,but anyway the tabs never worked b4 and still its not confirmed that the tabs r working or not bcoz i was too happy and i didnt take all the tests LoL

well im not sure its honeymoon or not cuz i m not takin all the tests :slight_smile: cuz i m so happy !! and im on strict diet and almost strict excerciseLoL im getting the results,i even tested myself by eating some routine stuff which makes me for 2 days im takin tab at dinner but today b4 dinner i was high and i dont know how it happens so ill have to check all things more carefully.

Nel Peach
so how u doin now?

awwwww thats so sweet!! im sure u can do even better than that,i think we all can do that,we just need to be strict we must manage these things, u know wat? im excited more than u for the pump,some companies claim that by pumping u will need less insulin and i dont know its true or not,just tell me the results after u use it.

where i live is actually a different part of the world,everyday comes with a special news :slight_smile: like today i saw in lahore there were some gunmen got inside of a police training school and killed some men,thats almost routine now that was just an example,wat my point is that almost every1 here is having mental health issues,i dont know about other countries,ive been here when i was 3 ,now wat i learned here that how to manager anger n stress n blah blah ,wat im trying here is to make ppl think positive.even u all can do better and cut more units

ur always welcome Elyse