I'm a teaaholic LOL

Or what about 5-6 cups of various kinds of tea since 10am today! 4pm here now hehe
I’m having a cold :frowning: Sore throat… I’ve been home from work for 2 days now, plus going home after just 2.5h on monday :frowning: I think I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow though. I’ve managed today without napping in daytime this far at least. Yesterday I slept for over 2 hours in the afternoon, and that was after sleeping for nearly 11h overnight!

I’ve had so many different kinds of tea today it’s insane haha I went to the supermarket earlier today, was going to buy black currant tea because it’s one of few teas I like that isn’t a flower tea. But the only black currant tea available was in a mixed package :frowning: But oh well, then I got some red berry and black berry and lemon tea too :stuck_out_tongue: And bought a packet of green tea aswell. Drinking it with some honey in. It’s nice when having a sore throat :slight_smile: Just hope all that honey won’t send me up too badly. Just because the medical system can’t see my levels go high, doesn’t mean they don’t!

I like flower tea best. My absolute favourite is REAL Chinese Jasmine tea where you either have the leaves in the cup, or in a teapot, and it’s not that small tea dust either, it’s whole tea leaves or at least big pieces of it. But Lipton’s White tea with flowers in it is very very nice too! If there’s one tea I simply can’t stand it’s Vanilla tea, just the smell of it gives my face a green color :S

I feel mint tea tastes like toothpaste LOL But green tea can be nice :slight_smile: I had a cup of some Indonesian kind of green tea earlier today. Had some flowery flavour too it aswell. It was really nice!

I like natural green tea, or green tea with flowers. I’m not a big fan of all those western flavours on tea haha I’m so Chinese^^ China mainly has natural flavours and flower teas :slight_smile: