Green Tea hype

So I fell for the green tea is so healthy for you and that is all you should drink your whole life again(add sarcasm if you like). I used to drink it at the bucket fulls and started again this year.

What I have noticed, this time around, is that when I drink 3 cups a day I get this clouded head feeling. I can't concentrate and my eyes feel heavy.

I have been feeling tired this whole week and have been getting more than 6 hours each night. I have concluded that it is either from the green tea or I am detoxing from the green tea, so either way. I stopped drinking it for my sanity and switched to rooibos tea. Life is too short to spend time drinking tea you don't really enjoy.

I am feeling positive today.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day:)

Hi, could caffeine be the problem? There is a little in green tea, none in rooibos. Have you tried white tea? There is very little caffeine -- or taste -- in white tea. I like to use bulk tea, mix a little rooibos and a little white tea. That combination is a little more trouble to brew since the white brews in less time than the rooibos. Anyway, glad you found a solution.

Thanks Trudy! I think I'll stick to rooibos for a while. I like coffee and I try to add things to my diet all the time. I also like cocoa at night. Have to get my chocolate fix every now and then. I'll be sure to check out white tea. It sounds interesting.

Several family members are life long tea drinkers. My mother and youngest sister both have bad reactions to green tea.They also have autoimmune disorders. Not sure of a connection and don't remember what reaction they had, but it was definitely the green tea. They still drink tea, just not green tea. I have also heard from other people that there can be issues with green tea.

Thanks Alan. @Randy I still powered through all the symptoms but then decided it is not worth it. @Judith I love mint and sometimes put a dash of cinnamon in my tea(rooibos now). Chamomile makes me tired so I only drink it before bed. Thanks for the other info. I will explore my tea side. :)

I'm always so excited when I meet (or I guess read about) people that love tea. I am definitely a tea person too! I used to drink green tea quite a bit and I never noticed a cloudy feeling. I agree that it could be due to the caffeine, like maybe if you drink too much you get that high and then crash (that's what happens to me with coffee). Sounds like you fixed the problem though by switching to rooiboos.

On a side note, I just bought a new tea a few days ago and it is a chocolate, almond, coffee flavored tea that tastes like chocolate cake. YUM!

Hey Leanne, where did you buy that tea! Sounds amazing. I suppose it could be that there are so many different kinds and brands of green tea. Once in a while is ok but it will not be my everyday tea:)