Im aggrevated

42 442 42 442 thats my patter the last two days!

I know the feeling. One minute your 2 high and take way to much meds and then the next too low, its a roller coaster. for me i just have to figure my day out and plan from there. eat less carbs and more veggies as i go. its unfortunate but there is no right or wrong answer here...... i feel your pain.

ive just been trying real hard and trying to figure out my rates. im new to the pump. my sugars have been getting better but in the process they have been going low and when they go low i just cant help but over treat them. i get so hungry and nervous that they wont get back to the normal level. even though i know this every time i still over treat. i get extra nervous cause i have gastroparesis and my belly is extra slow so the response is slower. i dont feel better quickly. it takes my brain longer to feel better so i keep eating (along with i just am so darn hungry when im low) im so frustrated i cant stand it

Hi renka. Aren't rollercoasters fun! I have slow digestion, and I find that when I'm having those up-down problems, liquids help. I particularly like to drink DanActivs (they come in regular and lite). They help with lows, and the regular ones seem to help with feeling full even though they're small. I've been known to drink two; yogurt works well also. Good luck.

thanks trudy

I know that has to be so hard. but you are still learning the pump and that learning curve is long.. Roller coasters are NOT fun.. I sometimes will eat a couple of table spoons of yougurt ( the Plain greek kind is high protin) with a few raisins or mandarin orange slices in . That is about 18 grams carb.,and it is filling. I also, if I am in the 40s' low, I suspend the pump for 15 minutes. I have a little timer I keep with me that will alarm louder than the pump and is always set to 15 minutes. I do not have to think, I do not use the pumo alarms, I just eat the glkucose low treat, suspend the pumo, for 15 m inutes, wait for the timer. I know that may sound like a lot to do when you are in the 40's and shaky and a bit emotional; and I do not know how your gastroparesis my delay the blood glucosr raising. I just know for me Renka, if I am In the 40's I always suspend the pump after treating a low glucose, for 15 minutes. It speeds up the process of the blood sugar rise for me and I do not consequently overeat.

God Bless,

Oh those hateful rollercoasters...... Bless ur heart!

Thanks Brenetta, thats one thing that i always forget to suspend my pump. I had never heard of eating yougurt for a low but i will try it. it makes sense.

hi everyone, my sugars have been leveling out once i realized i made a huge mistake! i went to edit my basal rate and meant to decrease it... but oops i had INCREASED it! so i changed that and i have been steadily changing my insulin to carb ratio. i cant believe it. when i started i was so out of control so we (my nurse and i) just guessed that my ratio was 1:20 well i am really 1:40. at least i think so so far as my fine tuning is going.... my rollercoaster is getting better. I did just have a 63 blood sugar and i ate a whole yougurt and one hour later my blood sugar is up to 150. it may be a little bit of an overshoot but not like my usual when i overload on sugar candy! it was easier not to binge cause it wasnt in my 40's of course! so....the fight continues! urgh... im going to see my nurse on wednesday. i cant wait to tell you what she says! im sending you all my good thoughts and vibes fellow PWD!

oh ps... i lost 2 lbs

hi everyone! just an update, i went to my nurse last week and i actually went to her with information she could work with! we have made some adjustments to my boluses and basals... and i have been have far less lows and hi's im so happy and i think this pump thing is really going to work! im am now so excited. When i first started the pump, i was so far off, we started at 1:20 ratio... now i am 1:35 to 1:37 so i guess i was pretty far off there and we changed my correction rate during special times of the day it was always 1 - 50 now its 1/50 and 1/70 and we changed my basal rate! thank God for the people at joslin who can help me with my ratios and numbers! i even lost another pound. so i hope im back on track to get back to 128 im 137 now.

with all that being said, my gastroparesis still bothers me and i did have to be hospitalized last sunday and this thursday... which was a bummer, but the docs who do know me there said i looked great compared to normal, so that was good!

have a great weekend everyone!
and thanks for being there!

status qo!