I'm Back!

I Haven’t used this in so long and I miss you guys so much, I’m off the pump and I’m doing shots again. I’m taking a semester off of College. I turn 21 in two weeks!. How has everyone else been?

Welcome back, Kenny!

Big plans for your 21st? Happy almost b’day.

The girlfriend has something planned for me but she wont explain what it is!

Can any of you tell me how beer impacts your sugars?

Surprises are the best.

You’ve never had beer? Beer effects mie because of the carbs. How many depends on which beer it is. The least impact beer for me is Guinness Draft. Has relatively few carbs compared to most. When I drink, it’s usually red wine or vodka (with no sweet mixer). Distilled liquor has zero carbs. Have to be careful because alcohol lowers BG, so I make sure I’ve eaten before & test a lot.

Yeah I’ve had beer but I always end up with very high bg an hour after. I just want some tips I guess lol

Figured you had, but was wondering why you asked:) Don’t think there are any tips for avoiding highs with serious beer drinking, other than bolusing for it, or drinking the low carb watered down stuff that’s not worth drinking. Not fair!

hi Kenny, glad you’re back, you must have gotten my subliminal message. Please join our Beer Group


Welcome back Kenny!! That is a Serious Birthday coming up. :slight_smile: Keep it Happy and safe and let us know how it went.

Hopefully you will not have too many beer and you will have enough food to eat. It is Good if you and/or your Girlfriend will keep checking your blood sugar. Especially If you are a light-weight and drink fast, more than 3 regular beer can set you up for a seizure hours later during your sleep.

Have a Happy 21st Birthday Kenny!! :slight_smile:

Uhh seizures? Why?

I just

  1. Bought a 6 pack of my Fav. Beer
  2. Went home and set up my own testing per Bottle
  3. I ended up needing 2 units per Bottle
    and at starting out being 120 BG’s

Hi Kenny: :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t mean to scare you but yes, a severe hypo/seizure could occur later when a Type 1 is asleep and has enjoyed a few too many. Worse yet if they have done any exercise, drank too many too fast or if they haven’t eaten enough during the day or haven’t had, say even a piece or two of pizza(long acting food), etc. with their drinks or over-correcting for alcohol and food. Most ER Drs. each can remember at least 2 cases of Diabetic/seizure/alcohol. A few tips can prevent these.

Here are a few sites concerning hypoglycemia/seizure and alcohol. You’ll notice that alcohol is mentioned as one reason in each article.




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**We want you and everyone to enjoy ALL Birthdays for a long time. :slight_smile: