SO, today's my 21st birthday and I'm super excited. All my friends want to go out drinking but I'm a little nervous because of my diabetes. I'm a little embaressed to ask my Endo but, anyone have any drinking suggestions?

Check out drinkingwithdiabetes.org!!!

The one thing to keep in mind about drinking and blood sugar levels is that the alcohol will always spike your blood sugar but then for the next 12-24 hours, your levels could drop too low. This is due to the liver and the importance it places on blood sugar and alcohol.
Because your body perceives alcohol as a poison, it will first work on filtering the alcohol out of your system and subsequently your blood sugar level is pushed to the side, almost forgotten by your body.
To avoid a low, don’t check after a couple drinks and cover for a high. It will likely go away, and if you do cover it with insulin, your blood sugar could easily drop WAY too low. (I dealt with an hour of 30s once.)
Eating a little while drinking and of course drinking in moderation are also both very good ideas.
I was surprised that not all insulin dependent folks knew this, and I did learn the hard way! Have fun!

Thanks guys! Your ideas were helpful! Went out tonight (finally) and got a little (or a lot) bit intoxicated. Then I came home (was driven) and went to bed at about 3:45. Woke up at like 5:45 feeling low. Ate 2 yogurts and a package of pop tarts. May have over compensated a smidge :slight_smile: hopefully nothing too bad. Great night!

Sounds like a fun night! Getting drunk is fine, and fun. Obviously getting too drunk (to the point of vomiting) is dangerous, however it can still happen even when you we're only planning on having one or two.
This is when its important to educate your friends on how to deal with different situations. If you get to a point where you lose control, you need to have people around you who can do something about it.
Other than that, have fun!