I'm feeling drained

I am a nanny of a 29 month old girl we will call “Rosie” ( want to protect families privacy.) I’ve cared for this child for over a year and am feeling drained. I wake up at times thinking that I forgot to give her the insulin and I’m not even at work. Numbers are always on my mind. I need to learn to disconnect from this position. Hard to do when you get so attached. She is such a sweet little girl and I can’t begin to understand how hard this is on the parents. Sometimes you want to just run. But you can’t. I hate thinking of those lows and you feel awful when they have their highs because you feel resposible. My faith tells me she will be cured and I speak of it often. Child is on a pump and that’s helped alot. Summer picnics are what we do. I dread being cooped up for the winter. Hope summer hangs around longer and winter isn’t brutal. You moms are great and your kids will be even greater people because of you and what you do. Thanks for letting me vent.
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You are a wonderful person,you feel exactly as all mums with diabetic kids feel.I wish you happiness forever.Winter will come and go and then it is spring and summer again…