Overwhelmed t1 parent

Hi Friends, still feeling blessed but VERY OVERWHELMED!!!!! I feel like NO ONE understands what I am going through!! I give 110% of myself to make my daughter's life feel as normal as possible but sometimes I feel like I am running out of me to give!! My husband is an angel but he had a severe head injury 2 years ago, 8 months before my duaghters T1 diagnosis. He has short term memory loss that seems to keep him from being able to retain ALL we have to rmember to be a T1 parent. Anyone else out there feel alone? I try to take each day at a time and live in the moment!! I know one day she will be on her own (she is 12) and having to do all of this by herself. It is momentary for me but a lifetime for her. That does not really make it easier!!!!!! Thanks for listening.

Maybe this is an oversimplified response, but would it help to hang up some basic instructions on the fridge for reference? With any luck, your daughter will be able to take on more and more responsibility with time. At any rate, your husband and daughter are both so lucky to have you.

Thank you Trudy. I do that already. She is a good girl. She is learning but she is new to middle school AND going through puberty so it has been a roller coaster with blood sugars etc. As you know, I'm sure, T1 requires
constant tweaking. :) Trying to stay positive!!!

This blog is great. Maybe it can give you a sense that other mom's are struggling mightily as well. Hats off to you, BlessedMom. Hard enough to BE diabetic - I can't imagine trying to control another person's diabetes, one so precious as your own child. The guilt, the stress, the exhaustion must be squared or cubed. Hang in there and I hope things even out soon. Both ends of the menstruating years are very very difficult to track, BG-wise. Here's a link to that blog I mentioned before:

hi there, i need to head off to work but i wanted to send out a quick shout out, more to come later, you are so not along, others do not understand the level of concern and involvement you have with your daughter and with her D, WE DO! because we walk it everyday like you do, it sounds like you are doing well we all have our ups and downs with coping ..one day at a time i really would like to reach out and share more with you later, my son is 14 and getting more independent, scary but good. lets talk soon! amy