I'm in the club!

I’ve been mainly “listening in” for the past couple of months and have learned quite a it from everyones’ discussions.

I received my Ping package and three months of supplies a couple days ago and have been familiarizing myself with the Ping and meter remote. The depth of functionality I can explore is somewhat limited without “loading” the pump, but both devices seem easy to navigate and understand. I’ll bet the meter remote has screen envy. The meter remote screen isn’t bad, but it really looks “challenged” compared to the Ping screen.

I’ve been progressing through the workbook. The time I’ve spent reading (“Pumping Insulin” and “Smart Pumping”), taking the online courses from Animas, and perusing resources such as tudiabetes.com preparing for pumping seems to be paying off, as a good deal of what I’ve covered so far feels more like a review than new information. There’s still much to learn. I’m psyched to get through the training and “go live”.

My only hiccup is it appears the ezmanager max cd I received is damaged, as I can’t install the app to my Vista PC. Jack at Animas support is ending me a replacement cd.

I have a question. My giant box of stuff didn’t include the IR cable to allow interaction with the pump via ezmanager max. Was that an oversight, or do I have to purchase that separately? $115.00 for a IR to USB interface seems a bit stiff, particularly immediately in the aftermath of the pump purchase.

My package included an IR cable and I got my Ping sometime in August.

Seems like an oversight to me.

no i got my ir to ubs for meter and pump in the big box. they come with meter and pump at no cost.

I just got my Ping last week, and I didn’t get a software disk or IR interface… literally ALL that I got in my “pump” box was my pump, meter remote, usb cable for the meter, DVD, and pump manual… and that is all that was listed on the box contents. The pump workbook was included in my order, but was separate from the box my ping came in. I also got my 3 month’s worth of supplies - 5 boxes of sets and 5 boxes of cartridges. I wasn’t asked at that time if I wanted any kind of skin prep - since Minimed had automatically sent me some, I just assumed Animas would too, but nope… no tape, no skin prep, just sets and cartridges.

In the box everything was shipped in were two sheets instructing me to order the software and IR interface free of charge, as well as another offering a free pump skin (thanks, after I already called up and PAID for one).

I ordered the software/cable the day my pump arrived, but it still hasn’t shipped yet. I also ordered some skin-tac at the same time and Animas split that order apart from the software, changed the quantity on the skin-tac to just one box (why? I’d freaking pay cash if they’d just send me TWO boxes, and not drag their feet with it) and both are just sitting there as “in process” - very frustrating. I’m about to just order the skin-tac somewhere else and pay cash for it so I know it will get here sometime this month.

I traded my Cozmo (paid the $200 for the trade) and got a full package with every single thing in it including cable, and some sample stuff.
Maybe they are just simply packing things too quickly?
The service was better before J and J took over.

Thanks for the replies.

I called Animas support this morning and they are sending me a cable (no charge).

The info I received from Animas is they surveyed customers, found out that the IR cable is not used by many folks, so it was removed from the standard shipped items. It is sent to customers by request only.

Phew - glad you got the cable all sorted out. I have a spare one - since they seemed to forget they’d sent me all the kit 'n kaboodle the first time. Nice to have a few things free in life sometimes!!

BTW Bob - welcome to the club!! Cling, clling of glasses all around.

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That’s what my CDE told me she was told… it really seems like they’re trying to cut costs by only sending certain items to those who request them. It makes sense, but at the same time, it’s also confusing since prior to now, the pumps shipped with “everything”.