Animas Ping

I am surprised that there isn’t a discussion already on this, so I thought I would start one. In mid-August Animas will start sending out the new Ping. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is the same Animas 2020 pump but it now has a One Touch meter that not only serves as a meter that will send your readings directly to the pump (as Medtronic already has), but it will also serve as a kind of remote control so you can program your boluses, etc. without touching the pump. It is going to be great for those of us who like to wear our pumps in our bras or want to just be a bit more discreet in public. I am really excited about it. It will also have the food database in the meter and not on the pump anymore. My rep told me yesterday that new pumpers will be getting them first and that their upgrade program will apply. She also told me that the new pump with integrated CGM thru Dexcom is supposed to come out in January just in case I wanted to wait to upgrade. I rarely have lows, so I really haven’t had much interest in the CGM, but this new remote is really exciting to me.

I saw that and I’m disgusted. I just upgraded to a 2020 at the end of May, so unless I pay, I can’t get it. I’m PO’ed they didn’t tell me it was coming out when I called in May about getting an upgrade.

This sounds so exciting!!! It looks like it only comes in silver though and I don’t know if I could give up my pink 2020!

I wonder what the new one coming out in January will be like…

You can still have your pink pump or any of their new colors! The meter/remote will be silver though.

Our Animas rep will be showing one at an educational meeting on Tuesday. I’m very interested in seeing the new features, especially the new software that is both Mac and PC compatible (I’m a mac user). She told me that the new software will work with my 2020, so unless they give me a free upgrade to the Ping (I just started pumping June 26), I’ll stick with my blue 2020. I’m guessing there will be NO FREE UPGRADE!!!

For those of us who recently purchased our 2020’s it will be a whopping $399. I think for me it will be well worth it though.

I got to try one out tonight and I really liked it except one thing - the display on the remote is not as vibrant as the pump screen. If anyone has a OneTouch UltraSmart it is very similar to design and blah blah (hard to read for some people) screen.

I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade for the $399, but I’ll do some serious thinking about it (really don’t have an extra 400 bucks lying around right now).

So has anyone got this yet??

I am a little confused about what it is exactly. It’s just a remote that works with the 2020? It looks like on the website that it’s a whole new pump with the remote.

It is the same 2020 pump but with the infrared capability to read from the remote/meter and has One Touch Ping on the front of the case, The remote is actually a blood glucose meter as well a remote using One Touch strips.

I am waiting to get mine. It was supposed to be shipped the first week in August, but then they told me a couple more weeks. I saw my endo yesterday, and he told me that there was a glitch in the software and it should be shipping anytime. I hope it comes before my old Animas 1200 gives out, as it is still working, but has a crack in it!

As for the pump, it comes with a glucose monitor and they talk to one another. You don’t have to add in your numbers by hand, and the food data base is in the monitor rather than the pump. The actual monitor is the remote. I will share more when I actually get it.

Congratulations Kaileen and Toni! Kaileen, sometimes waiting isn’t such a bad thing! I talked to my rep at Animas today and she told me that they will be calling me within the next two weeks for the upgrade. I’m really excited. We just got back from a few days at the beach, and there were quite a few times where having the Ping would have been handy. Let us know how you like it when you get it!

Curious as to what kind of cracks you have on your 1200 and how long have you had it? I currently have a Paradigm 515 and get cracks all the time. All the cracks are from the inside of the pump, you can never feel them. I have had 10 replacement pumps for cracks since 2003. Am currently looking at the new Ping but don’t want to get if there is a problem with cracks. Do you know of anyone else with this problem???

I have a crack on the outside, next to the cap for the battery. It’s fairly recent though, and my 4 year warranty was up the end of July. I think it is a week spot though, because I had to replace a pump within the first year due to a crack in the same place. The 1200 is supposed to be water proof, but you have to check the pump before you dive in. I didn’t the first time, so my pump died. They were quick to get me a new one though.

I finally heard yesterday…it is supposed to arrive next Wed. I will let you know more after wearing it a few days.

Just got called from Animas today saying that the upgrade isn’t going to happen until November. They are trying to get the Pings out to new pumpers before those of us who want to upgrade. I guess I will have to put my patience cap on while I wait. I can’t wait to hear from those of you who are lucky enough to get them sooner!

I just joined looking speciffically for feedback on the Animas Ping. I know I’m a little late but has anyone gotten the Ping yet? If so what is the verdict? I should be getting mine next week and am very excited. I currently have the MM 722. It’s not bad, but I like what Animas has to offer better than what MM does. It looks like they both have the same things except the Animas is waterproof and has a much longer battery life.

I got mine last week, and started wearing it this past weekend. However, I’m a HS vball coach and teacher, so life has been too hectic lately to read the rather large manual and to get started with the remote. That’s my goal for this weekend.

My prior pump was Animas too, so far I have not noticed any difference in the two other than a much improved screen. I am not sure I will fully trust the waterproof business, because that is how my first Animas pump failed. There seemed to be a fault where a crack would form, as my last one got a crack in the same place, so I never took it in the water.

I will post when I have used the monitor/remote for the Ping and let everyone know what I think.

I will be having a “pump trainer” coming out to get me started… I would hope they just don’t give me a book and say here you go…When your pump cracked didn’t you just get them to replace it? Or is Animas not as friendly as they seem to be to new people… I hope it’s not all fluff, but that’s a reason I am going to Animas is because of the service…

The first time yes. However, I didn’t discover this most recent one cracked until I was camping and thinking about going in the lake (I always check first now). I had already ordered my Ping, so didn’t bother calling it in. It could’ve been cracked for quite awhile, or just recently. I have always had good service from Animas. My only frustration has been that I have to wait for someone to call me back, rather than an instant help from Minimed. I haven’t had to wait long though, but you know how it is when you are frustrated and want to hear back right NOW…

My Animas pump trainer is absolutely AWESOME. I got trained in June and from time to time still have a question and she is always there to answer a question for me. I could not have had a better experience!