I'm looking for information on a study about pancreatic regeneration

A few months ago, I read a fascinating study.
It was a study for women who took a research study vaccine for HPV. I think it was for HPV but I can't really remember now. Anyway there were some type 1 women in the study and all had been for many years.

Low and behold their C-peptide levels rose sharply. Indicating an increase in natural insulin production. Not enough to reverse Diabetes, but still a noticeable increase .

The FDA would not allow the Researchers to increase the levels of Vaccine for this or even another study to find out if the effects would be increased because it was determined that the vaccine could suppress the immune systems of the participants and it was too risky for the limited possible benefits.

The suggestion was that the vaccine prevented the body from attacking the islet cells and also suggested that our bodies continually regenerate islet cells and our immune systems kill them off as soon as they are made. Of course this was only a theory, but I thought it was fascinating.

I since have seen nothing about it and can not find any information.

Does anyone know about this? I am not even sure I got all the facts 100% because I am going on memory only.