I'm on my 2nd week 1.6 of the Victoza

The worst thing I am experiencing is the feeling of gas in my stomach, and then acid reflux. So is it alright to take an acid reducer? I have been using the little pink pills, Gasx. They are kinda like a tums. I have noticed my appetite is not there and I can’t eat all that is put in front of me so am starting to lose a few pounds. This I like!!!

I am still taking my dose of Animal Humolog before dinner and I have been taking my 20 units of Levimeir in the morning and before going to bed. My readings have lowered, but not drastic. That’s why I was wondering is the Victoza supposed to take the place of one of my other insulins? I have to use animal insulin, Humolog R, because I have no insurance and can’t afford it. I was able to get on the companies drug plan due to our financials. This was just approved so I’m excited!

My question is how many others take another insulin along with the Victoza?

I also take Metformin 300mg twice a day, my last a1c was 6.6.

I’m hoping this Victoza will settle down and work out well for me, I’ve noticed my neuropathy in my feet at night has gotten better with the better control of my sugars.

Hi Debra,

I have been taking Victoza now for about two months. I'm staying on the 1.6 because when I go higher it makes me belch and at times throw up. I've learned to stop eating when I feel full other wise I feel terrible. So far my Dr. is keeping me on all of my other drugs for now. It would be nice to eliminate some of them but now so far. My appetite is like yours and I eat very little. As for the acid reflux I take prilozc over the counter for that when it flares up but you have to take it everyday for it to work. You might try prevacet because it works faster than prilozc. I still take 10 units of Lantus every night at 9:00 and Metformin (4) at dinner with my meals. Also take Nateglinide, one before every meal. So as you can see, I would love to get off some of these meds. My A1C is 6.4 now but when I started two years ago it was 14.0. So I have come along way getting it under control. The Victoza has helped with the sugar reads being lower and I did lose about 9lbs. when I first started using it but that has stopped. Hope some of this helps.

I am on my second week but at 1.2. I, too, have noticed gas but, not the acid reflux.

I have started taking my dose of Victoza at night before going to bed and I don’t get the indigestion, I think it is still helping me in my quest of not desiring as much food. I just wonder what the true benefits are?

That's a good question. I also wonder. The Dr. is hoping to get me off of shots. Just taking one now and then only take the pills. Victoza is so expensive even with the insurance paying for part of it so I don't want to stay on it for very long. Especially because it can cause thyroid cancer too. I take mine around 8:30pm. and I don't seem to have the sick feelings anymore. I might try to go up to the 1.8 and see what happens. I do know it keeps my blood sugar lower when I take it. I'm 62 years old and have been diabetic for two years now.