I'm putting down the gloves

This was a very good weekend for a fight fan…whether you’re an MMA fan or a boxing fan, you likely got your fix this past Saturday night…which got me thinkin…

There are so many things that I choose to fight on a regular basis…traffic…ignorance…my alarm clock most mornings.

But let me tell you all one thing that I’m no longer fighting…it’s something that I know many of you folks still choose to “fight” everyday, and I can’t blame ya.

It’s my good friend Type 1 diabetes. Yeah, that’s right…I’ve decided that from now on he’s gonna be my buddy. My pal. My main man, if you will.

I know a lot of you angry, edgy, non-instrument playing rockstars (ahem) have made a solemn vow to keep on fighting Type 1 diabetes till the day you die…and that’s your decision to live with…so good luck with that…let me know how that works out for you.

As for me, I’ll be forever chillin with my buddy Type 1. You know, if you give him a chance, you might realize that he’s not so bad of a guy. I mean, he can motivate you to do really good things for yourself. Exercise. Eat better. Lose weight. Even learn discipline and self control.

He might even introduce you to some really cool people that he knows. You’ll be surprised how well connected he is.

Now I’ll admit, he’s not the easiest guy to get along with. He’s kind of a pain in the arse a lot of the time, and hanging around the guy when he’s having a bad day could have you feeling like total crap. The dude can be extremely tough to please, and he has a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb at the absolute worst times and places.

I’ve never in my life met anyone that needed more attention.

But here’s a news flash folks…if you’ve already met the guy, then you know that he ain’t going anywhere. I’ve asked him to leave, even for a little while, but he just keeps hanging around like luggage. So you might as well play nice and listen to him, even when he doesn’t make any freekin sense. Heck, you might even want to thank him once in a while for helping you become a stronger person.

I know…it’s weird.

Fight him, curse him, embrace him, hate him…do whatever you like, it’s your choice. But whatever you do, don’t ignore him and pretend he’s not there. Because, my dear friends, when you do that, he’ll silently take years off your precious life.

OK enough with this cheesy metaphor.

But seriously, I urge all you Type 1’s out there to take another look at your diabetes. How are you handling it? Is it a battle? a struggle? a friendship? or worse, no relationship at all?

The fact that you’re reading this is already a testament to your awareness. But I challenge you to take it even further…

…I want you to swallow your pride, put down the gloves, look him square in the eyes and give your Type 1 diabetes a big ole’ awkward hug (try not to wince)…

See…now that wasn’t so bad, was it? LOL…I bet you’re feeling better already.


Thank you for writing this Dino, awesome! I totally agree, friendship is the easiest and most effective and beneficial path. So good to be reminded of it!

Also, lets hang out! I can’t come to breakfast blend this weekend, I work :frowning:

Awesome Dino! I love it…

I’ve been doing it for 25y I still see dude like having a temperamental (or just ‘mental’?) roommate. Wish HE would leave me alone whilst I’m in the Loo or getting dressed, y’know? Trynna get some respek-aroun’-here! LOL!

I DO however “fight It” in regards to the ignorance, the stupidity of insurance companies, job discrimination that Mister Diabetes introduces me or my friends to. He can leave those ‘acquaintences’ back in the dark ages.

Then again, This ‘Rockstar’ DOES play an instrument/sings. :slight_smile:

Know what? Am feeling better already. Admit that I’m not ready for a big ole hug quite yet. How about a warm handsake to start?

The minute after I stopped fighting my diabetes, I started owning my diabetes!!

Hi Dino,
Yep - it’s like a 48 year marriage with D for me. Get over the issues and learn how to get along and coexists as best friends. It really does make a difference! Thanks for putting this into words for others.

It is what it is… no sense pretending otherwise, and it could be a whole heck of a lot worse. That’s how I deal.

Very compelling, Dino! Well put.

Hey thanks all for reading the blog.

It’s amazing how a small change of heart can turn an enemy into a friend…a curse into a blessing.

The choice is yours…always has been, always will be.


First of all Charles, it’s called spell check.

Second, I thank you for being real with an honest opinion…I’m sure you’re not the only person that read this post that feels this way.

To hate this disease is to hate yourself…perhaps you should have figured that out by now. Twenty years is a long time to have that much resentment, but I can’t say that I’m a stranger to the feeling.

So maybe it’s you that needs to get real, brother. If you need me I’ll be passing the love bong over to my homie Type 1 diabetes. Let me know if you wanna hit this…lol.

Amen Dino

Dino- I hope you don’t mind me posting the following- I wrote it in March of 2008- I think you’ll agree!

I’m Done Hating.

Great post, Dino.

Di is the best kind of lover any of us can ever have: Di’ll never walk out the door, will always be there right by your side and stick to you through thick and thin, come hell or high water. The kind of loyalty and fidelity Dolly Parton would be proud of :wink:

I put them down =D

I can’t agree more Dino. (except, that type 1 is a “she”, not a “he”) :wink:

I wish my type 1 was a she. Or better yet, like Stephen’s.

Great post Dino!

I have been a diabetic for 11 years now. I was on pills for 5 then got pregnant and had to go on insulin. Needless to say I have been on insulin ever since. I had my second daughter last September, weighing in at 11 pounds, 1 ounce. My sugars were under control, tight control. After i had her, I STOPPED everything. I stopped checking my BG, and stopped my insulin for 3 months. I went through a post partum phase that thankfully only lasted 3 months. When I decided to start checking and taking my insulin again, I couldnt get my BG to come down. So i went to see my Endo, he wasnt happy, my A1c was up to 10. So with a lot of thought I have decided to go on the Omni pod. I wont get it for another 3 weeks.

I have learned to embrace my diabetes instead of pushing “her” away. Thanks again for the post. :slight_smile: