Important Update info from Insulet

I just started on the Pod last Thursday. I noticed in my pile of mail that I had an “Important Update” from Insulet. The update states that, if you hear a crackling noise or resistence when depressing the plunger of the fill syringe, you should discard the pod and use a new one - using the defective pod could result in under-delivery of insulin. I had noticed that I was experiencing resistence when attempting to fill the 2nd pod I ever used, and that for the next day, my BG was creepiong higher and higher. As soon as I read the update letter, I switched to a new pod, and my BG started going down again.

My CDE called Insulet after I relayed the above info to her, and confirmed that this is an issue when filling a new pod. She also mentioned that, whenever I have a defective pod, I should contact Insulet to get a free replacement.

Always call Insulet when you have a problem with a pod. They have replaced every one of mine. Sometimes they ask you to return the defective pod and sometimes not (more often lately, they want it back). I had one issue when filling a pod and didn’t use it. I’ve never heard the so-called crackling sound.

In speaking with my sales rep and the customer service personnel, and from reading about this online, it seems that Insulet got a bad batch of pods from the manufacturing source. This seems to have been reported only over the past month or two, and now I don’t see much reporting of it any more (in the various online forums I’ve read).
Further evidence to support my “one bad batch” theory: I got 3 of mine replaced because of the problem; they were all from the same box, and it was a box that I got for free from a Dr. friend of mine, not the three boxes that Insulet shipped me 3.5 months ago. Time will tell if this was indeed a one-time manufacturing glitch or a more serious problem.

Thanks for the update…I call Insulet whenever I have an issue. They are good about replacing POD’s…lol I haven’t heard a crackling sound at all…

I have probably had about 4 of these pods, and haven’t noticed any issues with the delivery. At the moment I am currently wearing one. I will probably call them to replace it if I use another, though.