In the Beginning

Hello there!! My name is Krisha and I have been a diabetic for nearly 3 years. I feel fortunate that I found my diabetes early on. Being a nurse, I started noticing all of these crazy symptoms that were all linked to diabetes. I was soooo thirsty that i felt like I would go crazy if i didnt get something to drink, Being thirsty and drinking anything insight seemed to consume my life. Then ofcourse I had to go to the restroom constanly. One morning I woke up and baked some cinnamon rolls for my husband and I. I ate 2. About 2 hours later I was dizzy headed, and felt tingles coursing through my body. My mouth got dry and the extreme thirst was with me as usual. I called my aunt and asked here if I could use the glucometer to check my sugar and told her about all of my symtoms. SHe is a nurse with a home health business, so thank god she had one. She brought it and I checked it. I nearly fainted when i saw the number 475! My family doc was in india at he time so i made an appointment with another doc who i was familiar with, He said… " You need to lose weight and cut back on the breads and sweets." I was dumbfounded… I weight 145 and am 5 foot 6. I didnt wanna lose weight and i thought he was insane… 2weeks and 15 less pounds later my doctor was finally back. I explained everything that i had been going through for the past month and he said." You are in the beginning stages of Type 1 diabetes,that is why you lost that weight.if you would have waited much longer you could have gone into a coma!" My jaw dropped and i said “are you sure.” ofcourse he started me on insulin that day. I thought it would be a snap giving myself injections. afterall, I gave them to patients all of the time. It took me hours to finally give myself a shot.I cried and acted like a drama queen the first few days after my diagnosis. My sugars and the way i felt improved really quickly, I started on Apidra and Lantus… they worked well. I made the decision to start seeing an endocrinologist, which was the best thing i could have ever done… she hooked me up with a dietician, I learned to count carbs and my sugars were excellent…Then after i had been a diabetic for 9 months i found out I was pregnant… This was the scariest most unexpected news of my life.Thoughts of birth defects and Steel Magnolias came rushing into my mind… I was even more afraid than when I first found out I was diabetic… It wasnt just me to worry about now. I finally got health insurance 6 months into the pregnancy and finally got the insulin pump Dr Popa had wanted me to have for so long. My sugars had been well controlled so I thought… It is amazing what a difference the pump makes… I had my baby 6 weeks early. he weighed 7 pounds and 1 oz and was 19 inches long… i had a great pregnancy with no complications other than polyhydramniosis and the preeclampsia… i was proud of that, I have rattled on enough… It is just great to have found a community of diabetics who understand… So that is my story of my first year with diabetes… My sugars continue to be well controlled!!

Hey, Drama Queen!

Welcome to TUDiabetes. And, of course, you are now known … from now ON … as Drama Queen!

Isn’t it amazing how even medical people can fool themselves out of seeing the truth? How long did it take you again? How many obese nurses and doctors have I seen walking around in the hospital? How many smoking doctors have I bitched out because they stunk of smoke? (Coming from a never, never smoker!) It’s totally amazing. But I am glad that you wised up and asked your mother for her help. Keep up the good work. (I am on the pump too and, although my DR was not happy today, I am doing better than pre-pump.)

Glad your son was healthy. Keep a real close eye on him.

You can count on us for understanding, advice, a swift kick in the aft side, etc. We all need it at some time and I hope you (and I) are here a long time and get a lot out of this site. I can’t wait to come home on the days that I get out just to get on my new computer to my new site!

Hugs & Warm Fuzzies.

Lois La Rose
Millwaukee, WI

Wow…what a whirlwind experience…congrats. on your beautiful little boy…and on you terrific management :slight_smile: