Infected Inserter Site - now hard lump - what to do...?

Hi All,

I am wearing a Medtronic Insulin Pump.

My inserter site got infected ; I noticed it due to sudden heights in BG.
I immediately changed the inserter site and noticed that the area was read and swollen.

Since I was traveling & on the run I didn't give too much importance..

A couple of days later I saw that it got infected so I tried to get rid of the pus inside the lump. Some came out and I cleaned the area with alcohol and topic antibiotic.

Now a week / 10 days or so have passed , the infection is gone, but the hard lump is still there...

Did this ever happen to you? Shall I just wait till the lump disappears by its own?

I do not have any pain, the site looks dry , some skin peeled off.

What would you advise me to do.

I had this happen once years ago and eventually the lump just went away. If there's an infection, it would be red, swollen, and warm to the touch. What you describe sounds like it's healing. That said, if you have any doubts or concerns, you should go to the doctor.

Usually, an insertion site is a slight wound and the healing will generate some scar tissue which will naturally dissolve over a couple weeks. An infection is a more serious thing. Your body had a strong healing response. Although you think the pus is gone, it is likely that there is still large immune response going on. Pus is filled with white blood cells and they have flocked to the site of the infection. It will have swelled with huge numbers fighting the bacteria. Although it is not leaking, I bet they are still there. And then once your infection is truly gone, your body still needs to reabsorb all those white blood cells and heal the injury. Again, it will form some scar tissue which will take some time to clear. All this will take longer than the 2-3 weeks a regular insertion site takes.

My bet is that over a month or so, it just dissappears and everything will just go back to normal. I would however recommend that you avoid that particular site for at least month or more in order to allow the infection to be completely eradicated and the healing to complete.

Hi ,

yes thats what I thought to do...

do you use any disinfectant prior setting the inserter ? Till now I just used a hand sanitizer on the site, worked very well.

also I was wondering what to use when to go to the sauna, pool, gym... is there any adhesive / protective sticker to put over the insertion site? Cause till now I dont use anything and always need to change the inserter after an active day out which is abit annoying...

Thanks for your advise :)

Actually, I don't use a pump (yet). I just tend to have advice on random topics and you should always take any internet advice with a grain of salt, particularly from someone with a face like mine. Of course, I just happen to have random advice on hand sanitizers. You may want to not use a hand sanitizer as a disinfectant. Hand sanitizers often contain additional ingredients (to keep your hands from drying out) like glycerol and oils and these are not what you want on insertion site. You may actually find that attempting to place an adhesive on your skin after using some hand sanitizers may prove challenging.

I might recommend a simple alcohol swab in a single use pack. In the US, Walmart carries them for $1/100 count. My mail order pharmacy will (at random) sends me these (for my injections), although I must admit I never use them.

I think others may have some good suggestions on some good protective adhesives and tapes.

Sorry about the infection. So far happened only once for me but all cleared up with me keeping the area clean and antibiotic cream.
Re keeping infusion set attached - there are products such as skin tac and mastisol that help keep the tape secure. I suggest you do not apply either before inserting if using a quick set or maybe the mio as I would get bent cannulas if I apply skin tac prior to insertion. I will insert, fill cannula, then unhook (as if going to shower), take the skin tac pad and just use it to soak the tape at the site. Mastisol I use a q-tip and it's super sticky so watch out! I find applying tape over the site becomes a problem if you have to then unhook your pump for the shower as the tape tends to pull the site out. However there are great tapes such as Op-Site Flexifix (water proof) or hypafix that do well. Places on-line are where I obtain these supplies as my insurance does not cover additional tape.