Infected Teeth

My husband is 91 years old and has been a type 2 diabetic for at least 20 years. He takes metformin and repaglinite plus atenolol and amlodipin-benazopril, and in addition aspirin and fish oil. X-rays show that he has 6 infected teeth, and his dental surgeon plus his cardiologist and internist have said that they should come out. He is resisting this because he would lose the only teeth that he has to chew with.

His daily blood sugar reading is between 100 and 120. He has no tooth aches or gum problems, and is resisting the idea of extracting the teeth.

Has anyone had experience with this sort of situation?

Hi, I am wondering where the infection is. Is it in the gum? Or is it in the tooth? And if it is in the tooth, how deep is it? I ask because I have been using liposomal vitamin C for my husband who was dealing with colon cancer, and I found that if I took enough liposomal vitamin c, the tissue aroung my gums got tighter and my teeth stopped bleeding when I flossed.
You can also use coconut oil-organic and not refined -to do oil pulling, and that helps heal infection because coconut oil is antiviral and antibacterial.

Thank you so much for your quick reply. It makes one feel a lot less lonely and desperate to know that someone is out THERE (besides me) who cares.

It’s in the tooth or the root of the tooth.

What is liposomal Vitamin C? What is oil-pulling?

If the infection is in the root, I would advise pulling it. I, like your husband, resisted having three teeth pulled because I didn't know how I would chew, and I got infection running through my body. After I got them pulled, I was planning to use student loans to start the dental implant process. But as my husband couldn't work, we used the money to live. I found I could chew with the teeth I have left. Here is a link about how to heal teeth, and you could try it.
I relieved pain with oil pulling, I will post a link, and with comfrey root infusion, swished around my mouth.

Well, I've had 28 root canals & 30 crowns. All the root canals were for treating infected teeth & despite the fact that some teeth were severely infected, all were successful, so I'm not sure why your husband's doctors suggest pulling the teeth out. I'm 61. My dental reconstruction started 15 years ago - long before diabetes.

His blood sugar readings are much lower than mine, which is one reason I don't buy into the connection between diabetes & dental issues.

I look in the mirror and I know in my heart that my dental problems are very clearly entangled in my diabetes. My constantly elevated blood sugars have no doubt contributed to my ongoing problems with infections and gum disease. I am sad about my dental problems but I try to look at myself in the mirror and be honest that I have serous dental problems and that they are a complication of my diabetes. I visit my dentist and periodontist regularly.

If your dentist recommends that you have remaining infected teeth removed it is fine to seek a second opinion, but don't ignore all opinions. The consequences of having really bad infections can be serious. Just google osteomyelitis.

I am 32 and when I was 23 I was diagnosed with type 2. Recently I have started having dental issues. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Paradontal disease and the dentist told me that I needed to have all of my teeth removed. I get infections quite often and it isn't a fault of my own. I have always brushed and flossed. 4 months ago my teeth started to fall out. I am now missing 7 of them and I have not had the funds to get the surgery I need to remove them.

In my experience with dental issues, sometimes the treatment recommended has more to do with the insurance coverage than the patient's dental health.

When I had dental coverage with my job, my dentist (who was a CIGNA health plan doctor) repeatedly filled large decay areas with silver fillings & they would fall out every few months, then he would constantly replace them. I asked him if such teeth should be crowned, rather than repeatedly filled with silver (and mercury). He always replied, "No." Later, when I changed jobs & no longer had dental insurance, I changed dentists & paid cash. My new dentist was appalled that my previous dentist kept filling cavities that were obviously too large to hold fillings. She explained to me why a dentist who worked under an insurer would do that - the insurer has the option to choose the CHEAPEST treatment option, rather than the best option for the patient, since they have to pay half the cost of treatment. Fillings are much cheaper than crowns. She also explained that when she graduated from dental school she worked for an HMO & hated it because she was constantly reprimanded for suggesting the appropriate treatment for her patients, rather than the cheapest.

My gums were infected due to high blood sugar, not the teeth themselves but since I had already had scraping done down to bone..there wasn't anything else they could do. The teeth were so loose due to the periodontal disease, that the teeth hurt when I bit down causing pain. Had to go!

I totally understand what you mean. Same with me and I hate it. Still trying to get the funds to have mine removed. And I know once I do I will feel much better about myself. I used to smile all the time now I hate to even talk.