Information on what I am supposed to eat -- changes since my hospital changes last year

I spent 8 days in intensive care and 3 1/2 weeks in a rehab facility last year – august, 2006 after being diagnosed with very acute cellulitis. they also found heart problems and a host of other problems as well. of course I am very overweight but with no one to talk to about what is good and what is not for me to eat it is hard to put together some sort of diet that is both good for my diabetes and allowable for losing weight and not agrivating my medications which are very numerous. one med does not allow green veges, another does not allow cranberries of any kind, etc. HELP!

I would speak with your physician regarding a diet that is appropriate for your health situation. If certain foods interact with your meds, then this is the safest route. If you ask, your doctor should be very open to discussing this problem with you.

Does any of your meds require that you eat a high carb diet?

If not, the very best thing you could do would be to cut out all “white” starchy foods like bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. They raise your blood sugar and it is high blood sugar that causes your cellulitis, and heart problems. These are known diabetes problems caused by very high blood sugars.

So any diet you turn to must be one that lowers your blood sugars after meals.

Use this advice and test the foods you are allowed to eat with your meds to see which ones are raising your blood sugar and stop eating those.

It may be tough, but if you don’t, the high blood sugars that put you in the hospital will only get worse.

Before you left the hospital, they didn’t set you up with a nutritionist? You should of had a dietician make and discuss with you a diet plan before leaving the hospital.

I remember when my son was diagnosed with diabetes years ago- the first trip to the grocery store put me in tears. It was so expensive and not realistic for our income at the time. It scared me to death- but I soon learned many substitutions and ways for my son to eat that kept his sugar controlled, that we could afford.

I know it’s hard and sometimes over-whelming, but if you keep at it, you’ll figure out a diet that works for you and your income. Good luck, sweetie.