Infusion Set - Anyone use Sure-T?

Hi Lauren. After years of using the Sure-T without a problem, I got the No Delivery alarm during the night (Christmas night) but didn't hear it. When I discovered it the next day I removed it, then spent 24 hours of being high followed by 12 hours of being low. I was so disgusted I haven't used the pump since. I'm encouraged to find that you had the same No Delivery, but having changed the set out right away had no problem. That suggests that my pump probably did not malfunction, and maybe I'll try again one of these days! In the end, the Sure-T is the only type of infusion set I've really liked.

Oh wow! I can only imagine how frustrated you must've been. I was happy to be wearing my Dexcom (and paying attention to it!) when my set didn't work. I noticed I was trending up after I had been at work for about an hour, which was strange because I eat the same thing for breakfast almost everyday and that typically doesn't happen. I checked my bloodsugar and was about 190. The pump gave me the "no delivery" alarm when I was trying to bolus to correct it. I went home, gave myself a shot to cover the missed insulin and the high, and ended up well over 300 before I headed back down.

In my experience, the "no delivery" is typically due to a tubing issue (I've gotten it a handful of times during my 10+ years of pumping), not an issue with the pump itself. If you are willing, give the pump another try! And let us know how it goes. :)

Thanks for the info. My husband is encouraging me to use the pump again; I think I'm easier to live with while pumping! In fact, I don't have a lot of good sites to use, so I ration my using it for special occasions (like Christmas!) and weekends. You've convinced me I should try again next weekend.

No problem! Good luck! :)

I am going through a very frustarting time right now...just as you said, the end of the tube bends. Everytime I try to use the Quickset on my stomach, the end of the tube bends and I end up with No Delivery and have to start over. This gets frustrating and expensive. I have started to get the same thing happening now that I have moved to my lower is becoming more frequent. The insert site can also be painfull. It sounds like I may be a good candiate for the Sure-T. Any recommendations on tubing length or other suggestions before I request these from Minimed??

I prefer short cannulas with long tubing, so I use the 6mm cannula with 32" tubing. No complaints so far! Someone suggested requesting a sample from Minimed if you'd like to try before you buy! The other nice thing about Sure-T's is that they're cheaper than the other infusions sets. ;)

When you have a delivery problem solved by keeping some waterproof tape in your desk. Clean your hands and take off the sure-t and reinsert in new location and put a stip of waterproof tape over it. Works for me the few times I have had to do it.

I used the Quick-set infusion sets and then switched to the Sure-T. The insertion is comfortable and I never feel the needle. The two circles are not a problem Good luck!

I've been using Sure-T's for a few years, and they work great. My skin hardly reacts to them. But sometimes my belt presses into the needle and hurts when I bend over to pick something up off the floor. I guess I'm too chicken to use that needle anywhere but my abdomen!

I manually insert with no problems. I have had a few problems with the needle getting to my muscle, I am lean, but i Just reinset and put a piece of waterproof tape over it. I am happier than when I use plastic canulas.I have been using sure-T for a year now.

I love the sure-T!! best infusion set in my opinion, and I've tried them all!!!

This morning, my initial order for Quick Set, 9 mm with 32" tubing was placed. I am thinking of trying the Mios as well. My first insulin pump should be here soon, then I get to meet with the trainer. I am on my way!

Call medtronic help line and get some sample sure-t's and give them a try.

I am the proverbial “lab rat” for all new tech to be used on my son. The diabetic conventions have the vendors around, and they’ll basically let you try just about anything - Omnipods, infusion sets, even a CGM or two.

My personal experience with the Sure-T was not pleasant. I could feel where it was inserted (abdomen) and for quite a while, even bending over or turning my body, I knew exactly where it was stabbing me. At the time, I also tried the Silhouettes, which are not fun to insert, but are far more comfortable.

Our current solution is the MIO Infusion Set, and it works extremely well.

It’s a self contained insertion device - unwrap, free up the cord, remove the spiral backing, set the plunger, rest on the site, and squeeze. The needle pulls out on its own, then just rub down the edges for a good stick. Most MIO infusion sets last “at least” three days. We only have to tape after a swim or major exercise. This device also goes “straight in” like the Sure-T, but doesn’t leave a metal spike in you like the Sure-T does.

A metal “spike”??? Lol

Hi Lauren. I’m new to TuDiabetes and was looking around when I saw your post and thought I’d reply (even though your post was almost a year ago). I was having the same issues with being itchy and bleeding when removing the needle, and my pump rep gave me some helpful suggestions which I thought I’d pass on. First, she recommended that I use a barrier wipe (Bard) which puts a barrier in between the tape and your skin. It has really helped me with the itchy issue. Second, she suggested putting baby oil on the infusion set when removing it and pulling it straight out. I had been peeling the tape off from one side, which pulls the needle out at an angle, causing bleeding. With the baby oil, I put it on the tape, let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then slowly peel the edges back, and then pull it straight out. I have no bleeding at all this way, and no ugly bruises (which I was getting all the time!).

Hi Everyone. I’m new to TUDiabetes. Just found the site tonight while researching the Sure-T. So good to find a place to talk to others that might have the same issues that I do.

I’ve been having many problems with insertion sites due to being a long time pumper and diabetic (diabetic since '90 and pumper since '95). There’s been times I’ve just wanted to go off the pump (and all the conveniences it gives me) and go back to injections. Tired of the no delivery alarms but mostly the high blood sugar readings because the canula is bent. The Medtronic Rep at my doctors office suggested I try the Sure-T and gave me some samples to try. I was a little reluctant at first because of the self insertion, but with the pain I’ve been experiencing for the past year using the inserter with the QR infusion sets, I was willing to try. And I’ve just inserted my second set and it’s good so far. No pain at all. My bs are about the same so far, but I’m hopeful they will improve in time. I’m contacting Medtronic tomorrow to get more ordered.

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I used to use the Sure-T infusion sets … (still have a few boxes just sitting around now collecting dust ) I stopped using them after a while as I found the need to change them a bit more often. However as others have mentioned it is nice to be able to move it to another location or if it comes out to just pop it back into a site … I prevented it from moving most of the time with some of the IV 3000 dressings Works wonders … But I love how its a 2 part placement … Wish some of the other sets were the same way… But I have started using the silhouette series more because of how Lean I have become… That was the issue I had with the Sure-T … I dislike using my stomach region so I use my legs and arms for my infusion sites most of the time… I reserve my stomach area for CGM. Depending on how lean you are You may feel the needle at times which can become uncomfortable (it did for me)…

But aside from that they are a great infusion set if you encounter bent canula issues this will help stop that as it wont bend as easy… If it does bend it bends right where its joined which means you will feel it bent and replace it instead of getting that no delivery issue.

And I use vitamin E oil on my old site locations when I am rotating So i don’t have too much scar tissue issues. It helps the skin heal without as much scaring (For me it does anyway)…

Hope this all helps

I used to use the Sure-T but never thought of reusing in a different spot. This really works? Do you tape it down after moving it? I have been using a quick-set for over a year and have problems with them at least monthly.

If I leave the Sure-T in more than two days they itch like crazy!!!

I’m going to tag @swisschocolate in this, she’s a sure-t user and I’m pretty sure she has reused them on occasion.