Sure T and harness at the site

Hi, started using Sure T which i love, no more kinks. My problem is after second day my site actually hurts and leaves a hardness around the site, which takes about a week for it to go down. I haven’t called MINIMED yet, don’t have a lot of time on my hand to wait around for customer service these days. What is causing this? Never had a problem with other stuff. Quite frustrated.

Hi Ladybug, I’m having the exact same problem. I love the SureT and I find it comfortable, BUT I get lots of irritation (not infection, just some reaction) at the sites and it takes a couple days to go away. I did not have this with QuickSets.

I think that I need to change more often (every 2 days?) – with SureT, it is possible to reuse the same site. So I was trying just moving the site and reinserting. This made it slightly better, but I have switched back to QuickSets for the time being.

I would be curious if others also experienced this.

Probably just means that you need to change the site more often. I can only go two days until I get itchy skin and poor absorption. Maybe even a stainless allergy? I dont know the make up of the steel infusion sets, but thats a possibility maybe…

Do you move the Sure- T or do you use a new one every two days?

Well up to now i was removing them every 3 days but after reading your message i removed it after two days, and no hardness, itchness, etc. so you two are right! I did put a new one in. I have not reused my Sure-T as of yet, but i guess i could in a emergency:) I was using Quck set and getting kinks and ending up in the hospital for DKA was not fun. I was really excited about the Sure-t so it looks like my problem is solved, thanks for much, i am so glad i found this site, i feel people care. Natalie

Natalie, this is very good to hear! I’m going to try 2 days as well. I cannot get insurance coverage for a new site every 2 days — but if I can move it to a new location, then I might be able to get 4 days out of each infusion set.

Hope that you continue to like the Sure T! I liked it except for the skin reaction that you experienced as well!

I have been a metal infusion user since the start over a decade ago with bent needles. So you all know the recommendation for bent needles as well as sure T is a site change every 48 hours. I know there are some that can leave them in longer but I think the issue is unlike other sets that move with the body a bit, metal does not and that is what causes the irritation. I have to change all my sites every 24 hours (i get lucky sometimes though) so it’s no issue for me but for some who are used to 3, 4 or 5 days it might be. I currently use sill/comforts , Sure T and bent needle. It is very rare for me that the metal sites last past 28 or so hours. I am pretty hard on sites, but not on purpose :slight_smile:

be loved, you are

I called Minimed today to say that since i am changing my sites every two days 4 boxes of Sure-T won’t be enough and will my Insurance cover more. I have Cigna. The Rep. simply said your Endo. need to write another prescription and it will be covered so they will fax for it. I am wondering why your insurance won’t cover more. Having scar tissues over time is not fun. I have only tried upper arm couple times when i was in surgery and didn’t like it at all. My stomach has been the only part of my body i feel comfortable. I am wondering if persistant might pay off with your insurance. Even a letter from your doctor.

Laura, i thought i had it bad:) I can’t inmagine changing it every day but then you don’t have a choice. So far changing it every two days is ok, 6mm needle do help. I really hated the sound of the inserter when i used the Quick Set. I will think myself lucy.

It does not bother me at all. The mystery of why I tend to ruin every site when I sleep however does. I use sites everywhere and no matter what it tends to go bad by morning. I tried changing before bed but it made no difference so it only meant more site changes. If I have to change it 2 times a day I still would over shots MDI was a nightmare for me despite being very compliant.
Now if I could just catch the gremlin who comes at night and messes with my site it would be great!
Be loved

I live in Hungary and as far as I know the national insurance covers one infusion set every 3 days. Maybe I can get more. I’ll ask my doctor.

Have you tried taping. I am sure you must have.

Oh that would explain it. I hope for your sake they will cover more. What choice do you have really. I have been very lucky with insurances i have not had problems even when i started using Sensors when it first hit the market when everyone’s insurance woudn’t cover them. Good luck Kristin.

I did the same thing. I wore the T’s for a good 3 months and it got to where I’d have to move it every 24-ish hours or so. If I didn’t, it became painful. I switched back to QuickSets as well after I realized that it wasn’t just irritation or hardness at the site that I was dealing with, but had turned into absorption issues as well.
I think my body didn’t like the metal cannula, because I don’t have the issues with QS. I also haven’t had a kink since switching back around 4 1/2 months ago.

Hi Armanda, this week was werd. my sites started hurting the first 24 hours, of course i was thinking of what you have written, and well to be honest i just had enough of this. I really thought i am done with finding the right infusion set but now i am wondering. I do not like the QS since i was having kinking issures…i hope i am not having the metal allegies suggested by Chris.

yep yep :slight_smile:
Mostly my sites are bloody and or sore by morning. Boy I must be having so much fun while sleeping.
Maybe I am rock climbing, or dancing or something wonderful like that. I am a mover when I sleep. I also talk in my sleep and sometimes sleep walk so i am thinking there really is not a safe place on my body that is not gonna get smashed or laid on.
Its all good though we do what we gotta do.
I’m blessed because my insurance is very kind to me about supplies.
Be loved you are

Yeah, it happened gradually with me as well. At first I had no issues. I also got fed up (I still have a few on hand for emergencies or when I’m away from the house & need a set change -no inserter to carry with you-) with having to move them so frequently when I don’t have to with other infusion sets. Could be a metal allergy, could be just like Laura said that the metal isn’t flexible like plastic & so naturally causes a little more skin trauma. Whatever the case, I know my body didn’t like the metal.

Have you tried the silhouettes? I haven’t used them, but it’s something else you could try. They use a plastic cannula that’s angled (so it goes in more shallow) some people really like them, (my pump trainer wears them) what length of cannula were you using? (9m/6m?) I know some people have solved their problems by switching to a shorter cannula.
You’d probably really benefit from rotating to different areas more often as well, scar tissue can build without you really noticing, which can lead to kinks. I know you said you didn’t like the backs of the arms (which I loove) but have you tried just creeping your tummy sites over toward the love handle/ lower back area? I get great infusion from my back. Started using the lower back & then moved upward. back is now one of my favorite areas! I used to use my thighs & bum a lot, but haven’t recently. Just another something to think about.

We just had a pump trainer come to our house and she gave us different infusion sets to use and try out. She said we had to change the Sure Ts every 2 days… never longer. My son is trying it now. He loved that he never felt it enter his skin… unlike the silhoutte. We’ll see how it goes. But she said never more than 2 Days. If you reuse the same Sure T - do you soak the cannula in alcohol ? Just curious.

My endo said that it was OK to reuse the Sure T once (so use the same set twice for 2 days), but she asked me to disinfect my skin with alcohol before inserting. She did not suggest that i soak the cannula in alcohol.

Thanks, It seems like i had less problems when i had more fat on my tummy with infusion sets.!