Injecting insulin when needed though on pump

I’ve been wondering how to follow the advice of injecting insulin when bgs are high instead of delivering it through the infusion site. I have a sensitive so a low ratio and don’t have a syringe that can deliver just 1 or2 units with accuracy. An syringes that do?

You can readily get 3/10 cc syringes with half unit markings. You can't inject a single 1/2 unit dose, but you can select a dose from 1-30 units in half unit increments. The Relion brand at Walmart has these syringes and they are quite affordable.

I use BD Ultra-Fine , 3/10 cc for 30 units or less, 1/2 units or less , 8 mm length needle , 31 gauge .
I carry one with my meter , strips, batteries etc. ...just in case .When I decide to inject , I often would require more than 1/2 u ...and have no problem to inject 1 1/2 ( more or less ) .I disconnect set ( use Sure-T's ) and " bolus for the correction " , re-connect ...and give needle injection ...this way I have a record of IOB in my pump .
PS ..I have not tried to use the Capture Event on my Veo pump " Insulin marker " ;and from what I understand , there would be no record of IOB ( helpful for me as a person sensitive to insulin )...hope this helps

I use BD Lo-Dose syringes that holds 50 unit thought I would be unable to inject small amounts, but haven't had a problem. My sensitivity is 1 to 65. I rarely use a syringe unless things are really wacky, so I am trying to lower my blood glucose quite a bit.

And net is correct--if you bolus with a syringe, you must keep up with the bolus on board manually, as your pump will not know you took it.