Since I’ve been experiencing lows then highs, my doctor suggested the InPen delivery system -helps calculate how much insulin is still in the body to help dosage calculations. Anyone using the pen and what’s your pros/cons on it?

Here is a article describing inpen. I think there are also stand alone apps that help track insulin, at lower cost, but more manual entry.

I use pump, and it tracks insulin, which is very helpful. So would agree a tool such as this could be helpful and may reduce overdosing that lead to lows.

I have not used an inPen, but have one on order. I recently started using a NovoPen echo. Then I went on vacation and realized if I lose the pen I won’t be able to get insulin out of the cartridges so I asked for a second pen as a backup. It turns out only smart pens are available now…I only wanted a dumb pen for a backup, but I guess I will learn how to use an inPen.

I’ve been using the Luxura delivery system for the cartridges- holds the cartridge with disposable, attached needles, I’ll return to using in case the InPen malfunctions for whatever reason. Plus use the Dexcom G6. Hope all this technology gets us both on an improved path…

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Luxura is also what I keep as my go to backup system if my digital pen fails. I don’t use the InPen as I believe they are 10 years behind the times. I import Pendiq out of Korea/Germany which I have been using their non FDA approved digital pens for over 10 years. The advantage is the Pendiq delivers in 0.1u increments whereas the InPen only delivers in 0.5u increments.

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As an engineer, I like the idea of 0.1 unit increments, but am not sure I really need that level of precision. It looks big! Can you carry it in a pocket? I usually carry my echo in a shirt pocket along with other stereotypical engineering implements.

It has a clip to carry it in a shirt pocket but it is about the size of a Humalog pen with a fatter head. I have an insulin pouch with my meter, test strips, spare needles, spare cartridge, which also holds my pen. I am also an engineer, which led me to this pen through my travels. Start with the InPen and if you need better, I am sure additional options will come along. My pen is totally awesome, but fails after about 2000 injections and forget about warranty. The Korean company always comes up with an excuse not to honor their warranty so I do keep 1-2 backups. And of course these are all out of pocket expenses and not covered by insurance as they are not FDA approved.

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Thank you for your replies. You’re fortunate to have found this in your travels, and it works well for you. I’m surprised the InPen isn’t well known, after being around for a year or so. Hopefully it fits my needs or others come along new and improved. …

You can use the pen cartridges just like a vial with a syringe. Many people do and it’s even easier because you don’t need to inject air first. The Novopen Echo is still available, you should be able to get extras.

Thanks for the syringe tip. I will make use of that. The Echo is no longer available from Novolog, but I suppose they may be in stock at some pharmacies. I didn’t call any other than the one I use.

I think your pharmacy is incorrect. I can’t find anything online saying the Echo has been discontinued. It is still listed on the Novo Nordisk website as one of their pen products. Sometimes the Echo is harder to find but that doesn’t mean it’s been discontinued. I’m in Canada and can only find it at my endo’s office even though pharmacies carry and give out pens for free, but it’s definitely still available.