InPen Smart Insulin Delivery + G6

I just received the announcement from Dexcom about the new integrated InPen™, the first and only smart insulin pen integrated into the Dexcom CLARITY software. What are your thoughts and/or experience with this InPen technology? I do not want a pump and this seems like a great option for combining my data for more accurate insulin delivery.
Here is a video demonstration:
Here is the announcement:

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I have been using a bluetooth digital Smart Insulin Delivery pen for at least 10 years now and will not consider the InPen because the InPen delivers in 0.5 unit dose whereas my digital pen (Pendiq 2.0) delivers in 0.1 unit dose increments and yes, for me it really makes a difference.

The downside to the Pendiq pen is that it is not FDA approved and therefore not sold in the US. From time to time after a few years, the pen no longer works and I need a replacement so I always keep a spare backup Pendiq pen. I order mine from a pharmacy in Germany that delivers them to me in the US by DHL. It usually takes about 3 weeks from time pen is ordered until it is received. I have had a few warranty issues over the years as well and dealing with those internationally is also no fun. The Pendiq digital pen is manufactured in Korea and is totally awesome.

I am on Dexcom G5 and by using this pen have been able to routinely have my clarity reports show 100% time in range for a 30 day period. Range is 10PM to 6 AM BG under 130 over 55 and between 6 AM and 10 PM BG under 150 and over 55

One other note - Like the InPen it uses cartridges which are cheaper than pens and available in US for Humalog. Lantus cartridges, however, are not available in US but can be bought in Canada.

Sometimes sure makes US look like a third world country when it comes to insulin and insulin delivery systems

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Wow, CJ, this is very helpful. I have not used pens for a similar reason, though 0.5 units can work for me.

Would you provide a link to this pen to price it out for myself outside of insurance?

Also VERY helpful that I can purchase Lantus cartridges from Canada. Can you also provide a source website for the Lantus cartridge? (easiery than google these days with so many advertisement hits)

I lived in Germany for some months and noticed their system seems to be more thoughtful in what they provide.

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Here is a FAQ on the pen purchased from Germany. It is about 9 inches long so not a pocket pen.

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They also charge like a $30 DHL charge to ship to US on top of pen price.

I am just a 2 hr 15 min drive from Canada border so drive up to pick up my Humalog and Lantus as Canada prices are 90% less than US but did purchase the Humalog cartridges in the US when my insurance coverage was better several years ago.

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Not true - It is exactly 7.5 Inches long, not much longer than the prefilled pens and does have a clip for deeper pockets

If you use these types of pens it is also important to note that you need 1 for basal and one for bolus as the cartridges for Humalog and Lantus are not exactly the same size and changing cartridges between injections with these pens would be a real pain

I estimated…:smiley: But its nice to know the precise size.
Having two pens is ideal to have all the insulin documented but I may start out with just the pen for Novolog since that is most critical.

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If you do eventually go to 2 pens, I would strongly recommend getting 2 different color pens. That way you never have to double check if you have the Basal or Bolus pen in hand

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Hello, I am not at all pleased with the the InPen insulin delivery device by Next to no customer service is set up and the videos just tell the basics. The following is what I have learned that is causing me to now set the pen aside and go back to syringes. (Thank God my insurance had covered it at 100% after deductibles were met!)
The dose calculation always rounds down. So if the calculations says you need 1.9 units of Novolog, it provides only 1.5. Not a good thing for those of us keeping our carbs at small numbers like Dr. Bernstein recommends! My BG has been unusually high for the two weeks I have used it.
Second, though they say this is not so, I suspect that I am NOT getting the full dose anyway because there is ALWAYS a droplet of insulin left on the needle after I count to 8 and then pull the needle out.
If Companion Medical would interact with me, I might give them the benefit of my doubt, but only one brief email and NEVER have they answered the phone.
Compared to Dexcom, this company gets a “D” grade. I wish they would interact with users but apparently they are just into marketing.


I’m sorry to read this as this concept, if executed well, could help a lot of people. Thank-you for reporting your experience here. You will likely save other people the troubles you’ve had with this company.


That is one reason I really love the Pendiq Pen as it doses in 0.1 u increments


This sounds really good. One of the things I miss about my insulin pump was the ability to give more exact doses. I can’t go back on the pump right now, so I think this sounds like it could be my best option. If only it was available in the US! I lived in Mass, which is not too far, and I thought about going to Canada to pick up things like that, too, but I never got the chance. I know other people took the train to Maine and then the ferry from Maine over into Canada when visiting. I’m not sure how easy it would be to transport insulin and insulin pens while doing that, though. I just moved to the Texas, and I wonder if things like this might be available in Mexico as well.

Hi Ray26:

Welcome to joining our group.

I live in Mass and drive to Canada to pickup my insulin at a 90% discount from US list prices. Others do drive to Mexico to do the same. Best to call the pharmacy you want to use in Mexico and make sure they have the insuln you need and enough quantity. They may have to order for you and you can guarantee payment with a Credit Card.

As for digital pens that dose in 0.1 units, I am only aware of the ones i have been using for the past 10+ years. They are not available in Mexico, Canada, or the US. They are manufactured in Korea and sold online through a pharmacy in Germany. I have 1 for basal, 1 for bolus and keep a spare in case one breaks. They do break from time to time and although they have a 3 year guarantee, if you are doing a lot of injections every day they tend not to last 3 years and getting warranty service is next to impossible.

I love my digital pens and you can get more information at:

If you have any additional questions about these pens, please let me know. I have no financial interest in their company but am a long time very satisfied user.

Again, thank you for joining our community and we look forward to seeing more posts from you.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the info! I really appreciate it. I’ve been reading these forms on and off for a while, and it seems like a great place. At first I wasn’t sure about getting an account because I didn’t think I’d have much to contribute. But, I’m glad I took the plunge. I’ve already learned a lot and interacted with some nice folks like yourself.

I wish I had gone up to Canada before I left Mass. I had to change insurance companies and doctors when I moved to Texas, and there was a period where everything was delayed due to bureaucracy. I started to run out of insulin, which was terrifying, and it would have all been so much easier if I could’ve stocked up in Canada beforehand. You’ve definitely got the best plan.

That pen sounds better than anything we have on the market. How did you first find out about it? It seems so much more advanced, at least compared to what we have in the United States right now. Does the pen take Novopen cartridges or something else? My insurance covers those. I currently use them in my Novopen Echo. I got it from my endo at Joslin after it first came on the market in the US. There weren’t really other options for dosing in half units. Here’s hoping manufacturers get on board with exact dosing soon. I can’t believe there aren’t more pens with half unit dosing at least. I was looking into replacing my Echo and it seems like there really aren’t options, and that just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s a profit margin thing? As far as I can tell most things related to diabetes are these days.

Thank you again for the words of welcome and for introducing me to this pen.

Hi Ray:

I have offices and factories around the world so I am always able to find the best any country has to offer. I first heard about the Pendiq pens over 10 years ago and purchased my first one in Switzerland. As time passed, the Europe distributor for this pen who is located in Germany agreed to send me pens when I wanted more by DHL to the US and yes, these pens are miles ahead of anything available as once you start dosing at 0.1U, you never want to go back to even the Novo pens or others that dose in 0.5U. My endo says that I could not get get better results with a pump as I can easily stay 100% Time in Range on Dexcom CGM for 30 day periods at a time. My range is daytime 55-150 and nighttime 55-130.

The Pendiq 2.0 is adjustable to take any cartridge 100U/3ML cartridge from Lilly® Sanofi-Aventis® Berlin-Chemie® Novo Nordisk®. I don’t Pendiq still makes the older digital pens but models prior to the 2.0 did not take all cartridges so make sure you order the 2.0 model. I currently use Humalog cartridges that are easliy available anywhere in the US and also use Lantus cartridges. Again, the US is behind the rest of the world in diabetic care and Lantus cartridges are not available in the US so I buy those in Canada. Not sure if available in Mexico, you would need to ask. It takes about 3-4 weeks to have your order processed, shipped and arrive to you in the US. Make sure they tell you they will ship by DHL. I once had one purchased by a friend in Europe and sent UPS and UPS got me into all sorts of customs headaches. DHL always just arrives at my place of business.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

I’m sorry that the InPen is giving you grief RLS1, but I’m glad you gave us an update. I’m working to find an internist to be my primary and ask him/her to either take over my diabetes care or refer me to an endocrinologist.

I had plan to asked for the InPen since I’m losing the battle with BG creep with diet and exercise and oral meds did not work.

My mom was ‘old school’ and used syringes (for 30+ years)–refused to try pens or a pump even though her endo strongly suggested them because her dad used syringes.


I am using the Dexcom sensor and an iPhone app called PredictBGL which helps me on controlling my doses.

Ultimately I have to keep the carbohydrates which I eat to less than 25 per meal or else I just cannot control the BG rise.

It took a while to get used to more salads and meat, and less bread and potatoes, but I am liking it now.


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Hi RLS1,

I was recently made aware of your feedback here on TuDiabetes. I’m sorry that your experience with InPen and our customer service team did not match your expectations. This is on us. We can’t fix the past but you have my personal commitment to improve the way our team serves every customer.

I would also like the opportunity to speak with you about our product and investigate your feedback further. Could you please contact me at 858-522-0252, ext. 5377?

I created InPen because I have type 1 diabetes and I firmly believe that we need better tools than the basic pens and syringes most people still use. We want to make things right if you’ll give us another chance. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sean Saint

Founder, Companion Medical


Mr. Saint,

I will look for a time at which I can call you. What time zone are you in so that I can work out a mutually good time to call and discuss my insights and “user acceptance testing” results?


Hi Robert,

Thanks for responding! I am on pacific time. Tuesday and Wednesday are both pretty good days for me. Let me know what works for you.