Inserting a CGM sensor

I’ve been using the MM CGM everyday for over 2 yrs now and lately I’m getting very nervous about injecting the sensor.

I’m not sure if it’s because my senserter needs to be replaced or what but, when I try to inject a sensor, it doesn’t go all the way in and I either have to manually finish pushing it in or I have to pull it out and start over again.

I never used to have any problems inserting a sensor before but a few minutes ago I went to insert another sensor and I couldn’t make myself do it! Any suggestions?

When I first started using the Minimed CGM, it happened all the time to me. When I spread the skin so it was taught while I was using the senserter, the sensor went in a little more smoothly. I might still have to push it in a smidge but not nearly as much as when I just held the senserter against the insertion site. It takes a little getting used to holding the inserting site. Hope this helps!

Give Medtronic a call – tell them your 'serter isn’t putting the Sensor in all the way. Maybe they’ll send you another one; it’s not like it’s a high-cost product for them.

What do you mean when you say, you spread the skin?

Hi, Scott: I believe I"ll take your advice and I will give them a call.

Basically stretch it so that everything under the skin is tight. It helps make sure that it goes directly into the tissue instead of between “lumps” of tissue.

I do what something exotic does and stretch my skin. I also do them pretty much straight in, @ a 90 degree angle. My trainer said that she has observed that they work better that way so I’ve done it and it seems to work. My senserter gizmo is about a year old now so it may be a bit fresher but I have only had issues a couple of times.

Switch to DEXCOM - Insertion is a piece of Cake and the sensors last longer and are more accurate

I can hardly make myself insert it at an angle so, how can I make myself insert it at a 90 degree angle! LOL

I’ve been hearing how Dexcom’s are more accurate.

I’ve been having trouble with my serter too. It never goes in all the way regardless of the angle. Do the serters need to be replaced periodically, do they loose their “serting power” or something?