Inserting the sensor

I am working on week 3 of having the sensor. So far it has done really well for me. I love it. I did leave it out for 2 days in between, but other than that it has been great. My biggest issue is with inserting the sensor. I have used my leg for this time and last and I really like it. The problem is the inserter. Does everyone else have a problem getting the sen-serter to go? I push and push on it and it won’t release!
I also have a mental thing about it. I have to psych myself up to insert it anyway just because I can see the needle (and man, is that thing big!). It actually hurst less than the infusion site insertion, but mentally, it’s harder for me to insert.
Anyone else having these problems??


I feel exactly the same and delay a new insertion site for up to a week. Do you push down on the serter a bit, into your skin, and make sure the sensor is snapped in good, that seems to help for me. I wonder why they did not use the same quickset inserter, perhaps it would go to deep as the canula left behind for the sensor is pretty long.

My husband inserted it into my back this week, went in nicely, but man it sounds like a shot gun, but on the third day it was hurting big time and not giving me good readings, I tore it out and it was all bent in a “S” curve. Not sure where I am going to try next, but I know I will delay start up again because of all the issues you addressed

Good luck and keep us informed.

I have a hard time with the inserter and have since day one . It seems like it is to tight . I have problems with the quick serter also so I just figure its me being gun shy…lol

MM CGM users are lucky—you have a rapid fire inserter—with Dexcom…you have to push it in manually–it is guided so you cant mess it up…but i really have to psych myself up to do it…

I sometimes feel like i am 8-9 years old again, learning to give my own shots. I can remember sitting in our living room with orange carpet and a big cheesey satin slick covered chair --it was 1978—counting to 3 over and over again…taking deep breaths, ready to cry and my little brother interupting, my mom yelling at him to leave me alone…and after what seemed like hours…jabbing myself— Dexcom brings it all back.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

I understand! I feel that way too.

Ug! I remember those days. I can’t imagine having to put that huge needle in me if I had a dexcom! I don’t know what I’d do.

Just put a new sensor it, went very smoothly. Put it in my thigh and no pain. My back did not work.

Hope for some good readings both sensor related and bgs related. :slight_smile:

Have had a lot of highs lately and lasting a long time, think it is time for basal checks, I just hate those.

Thanks for bringing this issue up. I have the exact same problem you do. EXACT. I push on that darn button and the sensor just won’t release. And then I’m scared to move it to take a look at it because then the sensor needle may release and go flying. I totally have to psych myself up for the insertion process too. I use ‘elma’ (a topical anesthetic - numbs the area) prior to inserting the sensor. I have to say that although ‘elma’ has helped me to prepare myself mentally, I still feel it when it’s inserted. However, I am still experimenting with it. I just got some elma patches and I’m going to see if that works better than the cream. But thanks so much for starting this topic… I thought I was alone on this one.