Inspiration : dia-buddies

I am new to this site, but it is truly amazing. In my 10 years of being diabetic, I had only met a handful of others with the disease and only a couple that I could use a references for challenges in my management. With tudiabetes, I feel like there is a village of support to all the many questions and situations, so glad I came across this site. Below is a quick blog and great quote from a dia-buddy, which I found really inspiring. Don't be a statistic :)

How different we all are : living with D for almost 30 years and have met numerous people with type 1 , type 2 etc. etc. through involvement with TuD , support groups ,insulin pump support groups , Team Diabetes Canada ,voted to be a Canadian Diabetes ■■■'n Regional Chair ...and on it goes ...and am glad this is my focus , my life !

Wow! I watched the vid about 8 times and still
wonder how you did that. Good work! :)

Yes, Tud is Awesome and we are Happy that you
found us. I didn't know any Diabetics most of
my Life accept for my 2 Brothers. They knew
about as much as I did about Diabetes back
then....not much. :) Gratefully, I got on line
in 1999 and found my first few DOCs although
primitive at the time.


Yeah its a great site. and I feel much better talking abt diabetes here.though I ve met a lot of people wd diabetes but just not comfortable talking abt it with ppl giving me sympathetic looks for Type1.

Welcome! I love TuD because it gives me the abilities to hear about the experience of others. Love your blog, have added it to my Google Reader :)