As we approach 2,000 members, your thoughts about TuDiabetes

Dear Friends:
It seems like we’re going to hit the 2,000 member mark very soon.

I am preparing a press release to send out to media letting them know about this great milestone.

I would like to hear from someone who would like to share a few words about TuDiabetes and what it has done for them since they joined the community, to include as a quote in the press release.

Anybody want to share their thoughts?


I’ve sent the site to everyone in the area. I think we’ve all been waiting for a site like this. WebMD is ok but less personable. My friend who is diabetic has joined along with a few others. I’m working with the Diabetes Association of Greater Akron and Cleveland to post this on their related links page. I go to a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic which is a world renound facility and my Endo. said that the collective group of us are far superior then any Dr. or group of Dr.'s could be. They only know diabetes from the book and what WE show them. We live diabetes 24/7/365 our diabetes doesn’t end when our lab coat comes off. Thanks again and keep on rocking with this!


Manny! You have done Diabetics a great service.Any diabetic or even those who care for diabetics would benefit from this site.When I decided to go on an insulin pump all the info from every guest helped me to make my decision on which pump to get.I love this site!Keep up the good work!

Manny, this site is so personable. You welcomed me with open arms and are always an ear shot away. I know I can rely on everyone at this site, especially you, for support and you rely on us, just the same. It is definitely a family.

Thanks to all three of you for your kind words!!

I wonder if you really know what you created here at To sum it up for me, I have found people that have type 1 for so many years. I was diagnosed in 1971 at age 7. It’ll be thirty seven years for me. Those of us diagnosed at the time I was, share many similar experiences. That alone reaches out to us in so many ways.

It may help us to get over the anger of treatments, the anger of medical professionals not really hearing us when there are legitimate problems, frustration that some method is not working, sadness that is embedded because we are not feeling well and are afraid. We can share it here and receive an assistance that will enable us to look at our issues and consider the information we receive to go about our care in a more positive and meaningful manner.

I believe this site empowers us all to take charge of our care, and know that it is possible to overcome many stumbling blocks to achieve better living with this unforgivable disease.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people!

are you kidding?

I spoke to NO ONE about my disease and the isolation was as bad for me as the illness. I think it was about 25 years of living like that and I never met or spoke to another living soul about my diabetes, or about the disease in general. A few years ago my life changed for the better and I decided that I wanted to reach out and give back - but there was no one else I knew.

The site is great because it is so personal (if that’s what you like - because it can be anonymous too) and it breaks down the isolation of distance. Most of the world can find us here and share ideas and sentiment. I see my anger, frustrations, fear, triumph, and joy in others and the fellowship helps me, it’s healing, and I thank you Manny.


TuDiabetes has given me allies in the battle against diabetes. Until TuDiabetes, I felt that I had few people on my team against this disease. Now I have almost 2000 people in the fight with me. I feel that I’ve been incredibly lucky to find this community so that I don’t have to go through this alone.