Insulin Basics Part-1 BASAL

Our bodies need insulin 24/7, awake, sleeping…just living.

BASAL…sounds rather basic doesn’t it? Well it is. BASAL is simply an insulin BASE we all need, all the time. Now some vary a little by time of day…but we still have to find our own natural base. EVERYTHING else that needs to be figured out, (like carb ratio & correction factor) depends (no, not a diaper) on having found a good stable base.

My personal BASAL insulin is Lantus, there are others. Forget the propaganda, for most diabetcs Lantus does not last a FULL 24 hrs. I split my BASAL 50/50 or half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Some people with a DAWN EFFECT problem, or their body over-reacts and dumps glucose to counter a low, may need a minor off balance mix.

How do I know my BASAL is right? IF my basal dose is proper, I will wake up with a good normal range fasting BS level. Now here comes the KEY. IF(??) my BS level stays level (puntended…lol) past luch time with no food or expercise (good time to couch potato) then my basal is good to go.

BUT, what if my BS level is rising as I head toward lunch (i’m starving), then I know my basal dose is TOO LOW. Likewise if my BS level is diving toward lunch, (& no I did not hit the treadmill for 30 minutes, not even for 3 minutes) I know my basal is TOO HIGH.

BS is increasing, INCREASE basal dose.
BS level is DECREASING, decrease basal dose.

Always make tiny 1 or 2 unit adjustments MAX
Always test OFTEN when making ANY changes to insulin dose and if you BS level are getting out of range STOP! (and correct you BS levels and try again another day)

Now that was EASY, except for one thing TEST TEST and TEST OFTEN while testing and adjusting basal (or any insulin change). I tested every 30 to 60 minutes while getting my first real-proper basal dose figured and some people may need to test MORE OFTEN…OK more TESTING is ALWAYS BETTER.

Once you have found YOUR basal and are both level AND stable, you ahve taken the first step to feeling like a normal human again and retire the spike and dive roller coaster for most days, sick days, stress days and such excluded, as well as Diabetes-Dragon days when nothing goes right.

REMEMBER, if you do not understand everything in this post, DO NOT attempt to make any adjustments and its ALWAYS best to make any changes with the help and advice of your doctor (or CDE).

REmember if you BASAL is not level and stable, you can not begin to properly figure a good carb ratio for your bolus doses…

(&( GOMER sez, I will C U again in Part-2 BOLUS