Suggestions for good product to keep insulin cool when traveling?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent product to use to keep insulin cool when traveling. I purchased a Frio holder a long time ago and never liked it and it doesn’t appear there is anything out there but those type of products. I’m flying to Florida and would like to put my insulin in something to keep it cool until I get there. I might wind up just putting one of those beverage holders you put in the freezer, into a zip lock and leave it at that. But Frio seems to be the only line out there that I can find and again, not thrilled with their technology. Granted, I was using it to swim in a warm lake and quickly found out that those beads just keep on expanding when in water, so I should have known better and I will be using it for another purpose, but I still didn’t find that it kept the insulin cool for as long as they claim (45 hours). Any suggestions?

And I’ve only flown once since being in the pump. If anyone has any pointers for me, please pass along. I’m just going to go ahead and tell them I’m diabetic and on a pump, but I do believe that means a pat down, wanding and such. Oh joy…

Thanks! Tiffany

Let me start by saying the I am still using insulin pens so I hope this still helps. The Frio wallets work great except I found the same with the “45 hours” was not that. I also have the Dia Pak DayMate and the Dia Pak Deluxe with ice packs. I have found they work well for me for storage and keeping pens cool. Hope that helps. Also check out medicools website they have lots of options. I found the product I liked and shopped it around to find a better deal.

Hope this helps!!!


I also use a Frio pack. I like it because you only need water to activate it. My experience is that it lasts for at least three days before I have to soak it again. I use it for vacation travel.

Forgot to add - I’ve never had any significant problems traveling with a pump. Take a letter from your doc for back up, but most people know what it is now.