Insulin Expenses

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes my insulin (humalog) cost $25 even later when my doctor changed my perscription to two vials it was still $25. We had Blue Cross. My husband and I now have Integra and for two vials it costs $50. We have great coverage so I am confused as to why the cost of a prescription costs so much? What are you paying for your insulin? And or do you know any additional assistance we can get for my insulin? With all my prescriptions each month we pay around $80 does that seem about right?

I have 80% coverage with Anthem and pay $40 for three months supply. I get 5 vials even though that's more than I need, just to be safe. The way it works for me is all my meds are a certain price for a three month supply and the doctor stipulates what that is. I would check with your insurance to have the cost explained to you. Maybe your doctor just needs to write your three months supply for more vials?

I currently have Blue Cross through my employer. My current co-pay is $15 for 2 vials of Humalog each month. Tied to that co-pay is having to talk to a "health coach" once a month on the telephone - this is a special program through my plan for people with chronic problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

If I would choose not to talk to the "health coach", then my co-pay would jump to $30 per vial. Sounds like blackmail right?

I would call Blue Cross and ask if they have any special programs with your plan for people with diabetes to get their insulin and supplies at a lower cost. I get my test strips and alcohol swabs at no out of pocket cost through such a program with my plan.

Do you get yours through a pharmacy or have it delivered through express scripts? I am covered at 90% so I feel like my prescriptions should not be crazy high right?

I have a high deductible insurance plan, so I pay the full retail price - $180 per vial. I basically have some friends in high places who get me free samples perpetually.

I always used mail-away when I had Medco, but now we've been switched to CVS Caremark and the price is the same whether I get it at cVS or by mail. Since CVS is the pharmacy in my small town I've found it easier to just go there.

90% is excellent, so I would talk about the doctor about how many vials he writes it for. I get 5 vials for my 3 month copay of $40 and the price would be the same if he wrote it for 2.

Two things:

1: There is no generic insulin. Different insurance companies (or even different plans inside the same company) may have different "preferred brand names" for insulin, and the preferred brands have lower co-pays. So for example maybe with your current company, there would be a lower co-pay for Novalog (different brand, but somewhat simular to Humalog).

2: It's possible you would have lower co-pays with your insurance company's preferred mail-order pharmacy.

Both of the above, you might be able to research with HR office or wherever at your employer that insurance is managed, but if your insurance company has an online link to their "formulary" and "preferred brands" it would probably be quickest.

$80 a month is pretty good. I'm not saying there aren't better plans out there, just that there many worse plans!

I have BCBS and pay $20 per humalog bottle.