Insulin Grown in Plants Relieves Diabetes in Mice; UCF Study Holds Promise for Humans

I just read this… I can’t believe it! I live a mile away from UCF!

“Capsules of insulin produced in genetically modified lettuce could
hold the key to restoring the body’s ability to produce insulin and
help millions of Americans who suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes,
according to University of Central Florida biomedical researchers.

Professor Henry Daniell’s research team genetically engineered tobacco plants
with the insulin gene and then administered freeze-dried plant cells to
five-week-old diabetic mice as a powder for eight weeks. By the end of
the study, the diabetic mice had normal blood and urine sugar levels,
and their cells were producing normal levels of insulin.”

I wrote to Dr. Daniell to see if I can meet him in person. Hopefully I will be able to, so I will report back.

More details about the study here:

But what about vegetable’s rights?? Choose salad!

I just can’t help myself sometimes.