Insulin induced Lipohyperathrophy (or lumps on injecting sites)

Hi all :slight_smile: I need some ideas and advice on what to do regarding my lumps on injection sites, especially the front and back of my thighs. I have been diabetic (type 1) for 20 years now and can see the reason why I have developed them but I find that just rotating sites doesn’t work- the sites are just not enough! I am a bit smaller size person and tend to snack, so take more injections per day- 2 for long acting and about 5-7 for fast acting (depending whether I need to correct highs), so overall about 7-9 injections per day! I do reuse needles, so I will put some effort to change my needle with every injection…
Do you have any tips or ideas about this problem? Even if not, any thoughts and shares would be greatly appreciated x

That’s a tough one - it basically comes down to site rotation and being able to leave a site alone long enough for it to hopefully heal. If you’re only using normal sites (ex. Stomach) you could always try adding in your thighs, lower back, back of your arms, or lower legs as some examples. Basically anywhere that you can pinch that isn’t muscle is a spot worth considering.

There’s also something called an iPort (i-Port™ Advance Injection Port | Medtronic) that you can consider. It’s similar to an infusion site that is used with a pump, except that it’s intended for allowing you to re-use the same site for several days worth of injections. Becomes the equivalent of one injection site every 3 days as opposed to the 9-10 sites/day that you currently use.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the idea, Richmatik. This is interesting. Would you say that pumps are better for preventing lipohyperathrophy? I always thought that applying insulin in the same place over and over again using a pump is worse than applying smaller amounts to multiple places like you do with injections…

It really depends on the person, but it’s a little bit of both. By using one more contained site for a little longer you are able to give the sites a longer break than you would if you were to do injections. You can then use one area, like your stomach split into quadrants, for multiple uses - each approximately 3" from each other - until that quadrant is all used up. Then you can move to a different quadrant. Once you line up enough areas/quadrants you won’t have to return to an area for over a month or so before using it again. Sometimes I don’t end up re-using an area for a couple of months.

In your case, pumping may very well reduce the trauma from so many injections. ONE insertion is good for 2-4 days, generally. I’ve been diabetic since 78, pumping since 96 and I think pumping has reduced the irritation to my tissues (but I use a steel needle set–very tiny–no more cannula sets for me).

Of course.

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Thank you for answering! What kind of pump do you use? Id like to use omnimpod. Do they have your type of needle?

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Medtronic pumps only. I am not familiar with what type Omnipods use…

Omnipods have only one type and length of infusion. They have a soft cannula and are 6.5mm long and insert at a 50 degree (or less) angle.