Injection Sites & Fat Lumps

So today I learned a new word - Lipohypertrophy

It’s basically when we keep injecting on the same spot and get those fatty lump lumps.

I remember a few years after I was diagnosed, endo told me only injections in the abdomen. Before that, I was doing arms and thighs.

Is anyone still doing arms and thighs? How about injections right on the old rump roast?

I would like to start rotating injections away from my abdomen. Is it OK? Will my sugars get affected? Does anyone know why my endo told me abdomen only?

I used only my arms and legs for the first 8 years of my Type 1 and had problems with lipohypertrophy. For the two years after that, I just included my abdomen in the rotation. Then I started pumping and did 8 years of all abdomen before adding the rump into the rotation. The key is to give sites rest in between injections.

Yep, I got the same advise from my doctor. They say that you get the most effective absorption in your stomach.

Perhaps… but the people who told me to do that were not giving themselves 6+ injection a day.

(I also have a beautiful scar from an appendectomy that excludes half my stomach— so I really had limited space.)

My favorite place is indeed the “rump roast”! I haven’t had any problems with absorption there. (One thing that I noticed is that I need to leave the needle in for a few seconds afterwards in order to not get some insulin dripping out-- not sure if this is unique to injections in the bum or not!)

I can’t imagine using my arms, I often use my thighs, I rarely use my stomach.

So I would say be brave and explore!!!

Hi Dino:

I’m Very surprised that your Dr. told you just the abdomen. Even back in the cavewoman days, I was told to rotate, rotate, rotate every shot, in the arms, abdomen, thighs and bum which I did for many years with the exception of my thighs. Bad experience there.

I found myself eventually just injecting in my lower tummy and arms. I never got any lumps under my skin but I did get a really soft, fatty tissue in those areas(again no lumps). Then one day, the fatty tissue disappeared and I was left with dents in those areas instead(Lipoatrophy). This was about 38 years after I was dxd. and 6 years after I had changed Insulins. I mentioned this in the Complications section but I noticed it was all deleted.

Anyways, I stopped injecting in those spots for 6-12 months and started injecting in my “dreaded thighs” and butt to give my arms and tummy a rest. I got used to giving it in
my thighs.

The dents disappeared in my arms and the left side of my tummy but that dent in the right side of my tummy obviously won’t ever go back to normal.

You should get better absorption also by rotating instead of staying in the same areas. So for heavens…ROTATE. =)

What’s up Dino?!?!?!? I have some awesome fatty tissue build up in my stomach form using it too much. Talk about a pain in the “rump roast” I used my stomach a lot in the winter. It’s tough to dig everything else out when you are covered inclothes to keep warm. The stomach was easy to get at. PLUS, I was on Lantus so my rump roast and thighs were out because that was where I rotated my Lantus injections which I was taking twice a day. So my Humalog was trying to be rotated between my stomach and left arm. (I’m too clumsy with my left hand to shoot in my right arm :))

Now I’m on the pump and hopefully everything will be better. I’m trying to rotate injection sites but it’s hard to find a decent amount of extra tissue. My legs are built up from cycling so the canula sticks right in my muscle same with my arms. My two cents!

Hey Dino! I’m new to this website but have been a diabetic for 38 years. Rotating is definitely the key here. I am also on the pump and love it. It’s the best thing I was ever talked into doing. It took a lot of talking on the doctor’s behalf as well. He told me to drive the Cadillac, if I didn’t like it I could park it in the garage. Ever consider it? Once they have you balanced out, it thinks for you. You just have to know how to count carbs.

i hate that! when i switch sites i usually use the same one waaay too long until i get lumps and it doesn’t absorb. then when (or IF) it absorbs from a lump, i have unexpected lows.
now i get my parents to give my lantus in my arms, and when it’s convenient i take them in my thighs too. arms are definitely my favorite but i can’t give those to myself lol.

i to my injections in the tighs,stomach arms,but not in the rump rost i havent got a clue why i use to do them there all the time but now im just petrified.The only problem in which i have doing the injections is i always do them in the same place untill the area has got num,so i can no longer feel anything and i have a massive lump which is pretty worrying really, as then im always feeling dehydrated once i am injecting insuline into the lump as i am not getting what i should be getting.